The Perils of Restricted Facebook Ad Accounts: Why Agency Accounts Might Be Your Lifesaver


The world of digital marketing is undergoing slight, but constant changes, but one thing remains, and that’s the power of Facebook as a platform for reaching out to your target audience, spreading word about your brand or business, and converting your audience into customers. And when it comes to advertising, Facebook is a must, since companies that run ads on the platform see a pretty high conversion rate of 9.21% for their ads.

However, many businesses have their growth stunted by Facebook ad restrictions. You see, businesses can have their Facebook ad account restricted due to limitations for new ad accounts imposed by Facebook itself. That is why so many businesses and companies are looking to rent Facebook agency ad accounts and trust professionals with ad account management in order to avoid Facebook ad restrictions. Before we dive into why agency accounts might be a lifesaver for your business, let’s take a brief look into why your ad account might run into Facebook ad restrictions in the first place. 

Why Facebook Ad Restrictions Happen

Facebook ad restrictions may happen if one or more of the following things have occurred:

  • Advertising of prohibited products or content, such as drugs, tobacco, weapons, scammy loans, auctions, as well as sexually explicit content.
  • Low-quality and clickbait that doesn’t reflect the product’s landing page.
  • Misinformation, false data, or fake news.
  • Violation of Facebook’s policies and conditions by your ad can also be cause for Facebook ad restrictions 
  • Poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your ad.
  • Overpromising on your products and advertising them as a miracle solution or cure.

Now, you can and should get familiar with Facebook policies in order to avoid Facebook ad restrictions in the future. Still, the safest and quickest way to avoid them in the future would be to get agency ad accounts. Let’s check out why you should do it.

Agency Ad Accounts Solve Facebook Ad Restrictions

Agency Ad Accounts Solve Facebook Ad Restrictions

As you can see by a short list of the common reasons for Facebook ad restrictions, ad account management is more complex than it seems. You can save yourself and your business a lot of headaches, as well as money, with agency ad accounts.

Here are just some of the benefits of agency ad accounts for your company:

  • Easily Scale Your Ad Campaigns – If your ad campaign is going really well, you’ll probably want to ramp it up. However, new ad accounts have limits, and if there is a sudden spike in your ad spending, your account could run into Facebook ad restrictions. With agency ad accounts, you are looking at a much higher ad spending limit.
  • Guaranteed Compliance – Ad account management should encompass keeping track of all the policy changes, as well as knowing how to remove Facebook ad restrictions, which is why collaborating with a digital media buying agency can save you time and money. Also, not having to worry about potential bans and suspensions enables you to focus on your campaigns and your business.
  • Affordable Solution – Every time a restriction is imposed on your ad account, your ad campaign stops completely, which means you are missing out on potential customers. Renting ad agency accounts is a budget-friendly way for new businesses to avoid Facebook ad restrictions and grow to their full potential in a fairly short period. 
  • More Efficient Workflows – Pre-configured with all the necessary tools and settings, rented agency ad accounts simplify your campaign management. This increased efficiency not only saves precious time and resources but also empowers you to concentrate on developing impactful strategies, and ultimately producing superior results that affect your bottom line positively.

Renting Agency Ad Accounts: What to Look Out For

Renting Agency Ad Accounts: What to Look Out For

Selecting the right agency to rent your agency ad account from is crucial. However, there are plenty of things you need to factor in when it comes to ad account management, such as:

  • Customer support – The quality of customer support provided by the ad agency is just as important as the spending limit. Choose a partner capable of delivering responsive, well-informed, and genuinely helpful assistance. Whether it’s technical issues or information regarding agency ad account management, customer support should be able to answer you. Opting for such a provider ensures that you receive the support needed to navigate the Facebook ad restrictions and other advertising hurdles seamlessly.
  • Agency Ad Account Quality – As much as 20% of all marketers using Facebook consider advertising on the platform as the most important activity for their goals. That is why the quality of the agency ad account is so essential, and not just the spending limit. If an ad account is well-established in your industry, then you are less likely to run into Facebook ad restrictions.
  • Expert Knowledge of Compliance – Savvy ad account management also means prioritizing agencies based on how familiar they are with the compliance processes, as well as how often they conduct audits of their accounts. Emphasis on compliance also means that Facebook ad restrictions and policy violations will become a marginal occurrence.  

While Facebook remains a potent platform, businesses often encounter growth impediments due to ad restrictions. By embracing agency ad accounts, businesses can navigate Facebook ad restrictions seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted campaigns and maximizing growth potential on the platform. Benefits like scalability, guaranteed compliance, affordability, and streamlined workflows allow you to focus your efforts where it truly matters, and to leave ad account management to the pros. 

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