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Helping brands scale advertising without limits on digital ad platforms and offer the best compliance support through whitelisting and direct compliance check from leading advertising platforms representatives themselves.

The Superhero Team

Coz, we do the impossible!

Peter Ivantsov

Chairman (Global Capital Group)

Peter Ivantsov, the visionary driving GCG Media, which sprung from his E-commerce triumphs during the pandemic and seeing the challenges people faced with Facebook ads restrictions. Peter’s laser-focus on elevating customer experiences and harnessing market opportunities through savvy tech strategies drives the ethos of his businesses. Off the clock, he’s a dog lover, a steak enthusiast, and an avid ice bath taker, always up for a challenge.

Manny Djornor


As an accomplished business leader, known for seamlessly infusing great vibes into the world of serious business. Drawing from past experiences, Manny possesses a unique ability to bridge cultural divides, excel in sales, and cultivate the growth of talent within my teams. He aims to obliterate any instances of restricted Facebook accounts and conjure revenue that defies expectations.

Safa Kayani

Head of Finance - Media

A commercially driven ACCA member with experience in both large corporations and SMEs, Safa is capable of providing a multitude of financial services as well as safeguarding the assets of our clients. Her contributions are vital for our and your success.

Mariam Koblianidze

Director of Key Accounts

Having been in the startup world for the past 8 years, Mari handles operations and account management, delivering exceptional customer support. Her role is instrumental in lifting Facebook ads restrictions and helping you with your restricted Facebook Business Manager and account. Beyond the 9 to 5, you can catch her reading, attending dance classes, and relishing in the simpler joys.

Vanessa Mae Odiamar

Junior Accountant

With her great passion for numbers and commitment to excellence, Vanessa diligently assists in financial analysis, reconciliations, and bookkeeping. Her dedication to accuracy, attention to detail, and commitment to the clients’ financial well-being makes her an indispensable asset for any successful agency.

Aline Ayvazian

Compliance Officer

Aline’s responsibilities primarily involve problem-solving, the preparation of compliance reports, offering strategic guidance to clients to assist them in reaching their advertising objectives, and ensuring a seamless advertising experience for them. Her expertise is foundational to solving your problems such as restricted Meta ad accounts. Apart from her work, Aline enjoys time in nature, snowboarding, and playing chess or billiards.

Rachel Canosa

Operations & Customer Services Lead

Rachel’s professionalism and contribution in delivering information to clients is key to a successful partnership. Her role is also vital in helping our clients with their restricted Business Managers as well as restricted Facebook accounts. Healthy communication between companies is integral to a successful partnership and Rachel ensures it.

Zura Koblianidze

Operations Specialist

Zura follows the balance on our clients’ accounts intently in order to ensure that no issues arise in the ad account. His role includes ensuring that allocations are completed on time to avoid any future restrictions on the client’s Facebook account or Business Manager.

Neil Paolo De Pano

Operations Specialist

Neil manages processes, coordinates with providers and clients to guarantee that our customers get the most out of our partnership. His role in increasing client spends and ensuring cross selling is indispensable in providing maximum results and mending issues like restricted Meta ad accounts or restricted Facebook Business Managers.

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