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Helping brands scale advertising without limits on digital ad platforms and offer the best compliance support through whitelisting and direct compliance check from leading advertising platforms representatives themselves.

The Superhero Team

Coz, we do the impossible!

Peter Ivanstov

Founder & Chief Vision Officer

Peter Ivantsov is the CEO and founder of GCG (Global Capital Group), the parent company of GCG Media, specializing in investment management. Witnessing an E-commerce boom and its vast potential during Covid-19 pandemic, Peter embarked on several successful E-com ventures. After experiencing different challenges and internal issues common for business owners , he partnered up with other entrepreneurs in order to create GCG Media. Today, Peter manages the team and overall operations at GCG Media, while constantly focusing on new solutions and technologies that optimize customer experience and help their clients capitalize on market opportunities.
Rémi Lascaux

Rémi Lascaux

Founder & Solution expert

After meeting GCG co-founders in 2018, Remi Lascaux instantly got inspired to join the E-com space. Having an incredible discipline, thirst for knowledge and 24/7 work ethic, he quickly got the grasp of the industry. Remi championed the creation of SOPs and scaled the joint venture to a portfolio of 200 D2C shops online, generating 8 digit turnover on a yearly basis. Today, Remi leads the solutions team and is spearheading performance optimization.

Mariam Koblianidze

Managing Director
Mariam joined the team of GCG Media as the onboarding manager and soon became a Managing director thanks to her management and entrepreneurial skills. She is constantly working on improving the performance of the whole team. Her visions and working ethic puts the team in the right direction.


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