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Unlocking the Full Potential of Facebook Advertising: The Agency Account Advantage


3.05 billion. According to the data captured in the second quarter of 2023, that’s how many monthly active users Facebook has. Even more impressive is the 2.09 billion daily active users. What those numbers represent is the huge Facebook advertising potential your business needs to tap into, for at least two reasons:

  • Your target audience is already there. Everybody is on Facebook.
  • Anyone can place an ad on Facebook. Facebook allows you to customize ads and campaigns to suit the brand’s image and voice. 
💡 Did you know? Facebook has more than 10 million active advertisers as of 2023.

Now, since anyone can advertise on Facebook, you need to set yourself apart from your competitors. The problem is that Facebook doesn’t allow you to do that, because they set an ad spending limit on new ad accounts. You can even get your Facebook ad account restricted in case you go over the said limit.

This can put a dent in your well-thought-out social media marketing strategy right away and cause your business to miss out on potential customers and revenue. The solution? Get an agency account and reap all the agency account benefits. Here is why you should do it.

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Agency Ad Accounts Benefits

How to Reach Full Facebook Advertising Potential in No Time

The slow way would be to develop your business’ reputation on Facebook gradually, as well as your ad spending. However, let’s suppose you are a startup that is growing fast or an e-commerce company. In that case, you might need an ad account that will allow your business or brand to spend millions on Facebook advertising and reach its full Facebook advertising potential.

You can rent one from marketing agencies which can bypass the most common reasons for facebook ad account restrictions, but before you do that, let’s consider some of the other agency account benefits you should be looking at in addition to a higher spending limit:

💹 Pro Tip: Look for agencies that can provide a replacement for your banned or flagged ad account, so your social media marketing strategy and ad campaigns go on uninterrupted. 

Facebook Advertising Potential: Agency Ad Accounts Benefits

Facebook Advertising Potential: Agency Ad Accounts Benefits

1. Customer Support

Even though agency account benefits solve most of the advertising hurdles on Facebook, you might still need to deal with issues like rejected ads or a blocked ad account, which stops your social media marketing strategy and your ad campaign dead in its tracks. That’s where media buying agency customer support is crucial, as it can provide professional help with technical problems, compliance checks, and a better understanding of Facebook advertising policies.

2. Advanced Facebook Tools

Reaching full Facebook advertising potential isn’t possible without access to advanced features and tools that are available for well-established accounts. Sometimes, these accounts get access to early releases or beta versions of features that Facebook plans to roll out in the future. As a result, agency account benefits might also include the chance to try new ad formats, or advanced targeting options, all of which could enhance your social media strategy.

3. Advanced Analytics and Data

Facebook advertising potential also lies in the data that Facebook captures and how you make use of that data. In addition to the aforementioned new features and tools, agency account benefits might also include different analytics features, such as predictive analytics regarding ad performance, more advanced audience engagement information, as well as heat maps which tell you how your audience interacts with your ads and if there is any optimization needed. 

4. Streamlined Account Management

Facebook Agency ad accounts also come with centralized management of multiple clients and campaigns, which significantly simplifies the workflow, facilitates easier tracking of insights and performances, and makes adjustments to your social media strategy. This type of centralized account management will skyrocket your Facebook advertising potential.

5. Higher Spending Limits

The most important and obvious of all agency account benefits. Agency accounts typically enjoy higher ad spending limits than individual business accounts. This flexibility is crucial for implementing large-scale campaigns without the frequent interruptions that might occur due to spending cap restrictions. These accounts can often have spending limits that are measured in millions or even more, and they never bring any social media marketing strategy into question.

Higher Spending Limits for ad accounts

Getting an agency ad account is crucial for your business to grow and to grow fast. If you have a great product or service that you can offer to your customers, don’t let Facebook bans and restrictions get in the way. With all the aforementioned tools and agency account benefits under your belt, you will be able to find success in no time. Good luck!

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