How Your Business Can Succeed with Ecommerce Stores on Facebook


Commerce is a constantly evolving business and many people struggle to catch up with the newest and latest trends. To stay on top of your game, you need to use every trend to your advantage.
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Why People Choose Facebook Shopping

Facebook ecommerce is on the rise. People have been increasingly opting for Facebook shopping since 2020 when Meta first rolled out this feature of their platform. Ecommerce stores on Facebook really took off during the pandemic times. The lockdowns caused people to stay inside, inevitably encouraging the habit of Facebook shopping. And for what it’s worth, the trend of Facebook shopping doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. So buckle up and get ready to start your own ecommerce store on Facebook!

How an Ecommerce Store on Facebook can Help You

Having your own Facebook store will make buying products easier for existing customers, prompting existing followers to add your products to their Facebook shopping cart and even make purchases. Mark our words, Facebook shopping is a tidal wave and it’s here to stay. And besides this significant reason, there are some minor benefits as well. For example, a newcomer to your page who doesn’t know anything about your brand will have an easier time acquainting themselves with your products via your ecommerce store on Facebook. This, in its turn, will encourage them to stay and follow your page, increasing brand awareness and the potential pool of clients, in addition to encouraging Facebook shopping with respect to Meta ad policies.

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5 Awesome Examples of Facebook Stores

Now, let’s look at some really impressive examples of ecommerce stores on Facebook and try to dig up some tips on encouraging your followers to buy online with Facebook. These shops are doing well and taking some tips from them can be a good idea if you want to interest new visitors in Facebook shopping with you. Check out some of these ecommerce stores on Facebook, we guarantee there will be a tip you haven’t thought of.

BLK & Bold. Their shop’s bold and neutral look goes well with the brand’s storytelling, as seen in their bold product and packaging designs.

Flourist. This company’s concept of traceable grains, beans, and flour is unique and reflected in its Facebook store’s bright and vivid colors.

Magic Spoon Cereal. Their Facebook page and shop both reflect the fun and playful designs of their brand, as well as giving the option of purchasing package deals.

Rothy’s. Inspired by the boom of sustainability in recent years, the brand makes shoes from recycled plastic. This spirit is visible in the minimalistic shop.

Terre Bleu. This Facebook store has a laser-focused theme: love of lavender. And their shop in all shades of purple mirrors their theme.

Ecommerce Stores on Facebook: A Businessowner’s Best Friend
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Ecommerce Stores on Facebook: A Businessowner’s Best Friend

Opening your own shop on the platform and advertising your page promotes your ecommerce store on Facebook and to the platform’s users. Users on Facebook shopping with you can actually bring a substantial amount of profit. Considering that Meta is one of the largest platforms in the world currently, the flow of clients to your own site can be remarkable! In general, AI-assisted retailing is bound to make waves in the commercial sphere as a whole and Facebook will be one of the first to ride the wave. So, if you want to stay on trend and take your business to the next level, you will need to promote your ecommerce site on Facebook and establish your ecommerce shop on the platform.

What are the Best Ecommerce Stores in the Market

What are the Best Ecommerce Stores in the Market

What are the best ecommerce stores for small businesses to use? Well, it depends on your own brand, goals, style, and products. There are plenty of options, but the best ecom sites for small businesses are more in tune with the needs of that specific market.

Which E-Commerce Store Fits Your Business Best

Now, let’s break this down further. Shopify is generally regarded as the best online shopping website for small business owners due to its versatility. The all-purpose plug-and-play nature of the platform allows freedom and has a pretty comprehensive builder to create and run your optimal ecommerce store on Facebook which is important, considering the trend of Facebook shopping. It’s also integrated with various sales channels, including Facebook and some other global marketplaces. Shopify is best for those who aren’t sure which of the others to pick and it’s the ultimate starter pack.
If you have a pre-existing website on WordPress, WooCommerce could be the easiest to navigate. WooCommerce is WordPress’ own solution to online commerce. The platform is also integrated with many global integrated sales channels like Facebook and Amazon. But be warned – integrations are slightly disjointed which could make your life more difficult. Another builder for those of you who have a foundation to work with is Square Online. This one’s good for real-life retailers who’re trying to expand their business into the online markets. Square Online is also free and is good for small businesses on a budget.
Woocommerce and Shopify
The best online shopping website for small business owners who are seeing dramatic growth in their businesses and growing into larger corporations is BigCommerce. This is an incredibly powerful and full-featured builder and it can thus be a bit overwhelming for small businesses. It provides specific solutions with the option of customization, but it’s wired to work best for larger corporations. So, choose this one if you’re going big!
Weebly is free so you can build a free online shopping website and not spend any money on the builder. But it’s not integrated with Facebook which can become an issue for businesses whose main audience is on Facebook. Squarespace is another one not integrated with Facebook: it’s good for those who want to DIY-build their ecommerce store but the downside of being unable to sell on Meta is substantial. Wix, on the other hand, can be integrated with Facebook and Instagram which fits the platform’s image-centric spirit. So, if your brand is very visuals-oriented (like a clothing brand) or just an aesthetically minded company then opt for this one. You’ll be able to build a visually-oriented ecommerce store on Facebook with Wix.
Start Using an E-Commerce Store
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Start Using an E-Commerce Store

The bottom line is – start banking on the rising wave of Facebook shopping. If you haven’t started your Facebook store yet – get to it. If you’ve started it but haven’t been perfecting and promoting it – begin now. To promote your ecommerce store on Facebook, you can start running ads specifically for your Facebook store. And if you’d like to have a smooth ride in the Facebook advertising game, rent a Facebook agency ad account from GCG Media with no spend limits, constant support, and ad audits.

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