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Why Should Ecommerce Brands Use More Facebook Ads?


Now’s the era of ecommerce brands – they’re some of the most profitable online businesses currently. But business owners can strive to increase their profits further by capitalizing on Facebook ads!
Why Should Ecommerce Brands Use More Facebook Ads?
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Why Are Facebook Ads Important for Ecommerce?

Facebook ads for ecommerce stores are some of the best tools available to any dropshipper. The entire world is online now, and the Western consumer-driven world is no exception to this. Meta is the platform of choice for everyone. With over 2 billion users, the platform is perfect for promoting your business and products. The sheer size of the platform means that Facebook ads for ecommerce stores are the ultimate and most accessible marketing tool available to you!

Facebook ecommerce ads can not only reach billions of users but also give you direct and fast access to your detailed niche of customers thus guaranteeing results. You can essentially focus on the audiences who would be most likely to purchase your product. You can market directly to users who will appreciate your product and thus increasing your chances of securing a customer. Facebook ecommerce ads can also be great for separating cold or warm leads which then will help you retarget your warm leads! Facebook ads can help you prime cold leads to your ecommerce store as well as help you draw primed audiences in the direction of making a purchase.
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Why Facebook Ads Are Perfect for Dropshippers

As Meta algorithms have become more and more sophisticated, Facebook ads for ecommerce in 2022 have become increasingly more useful. Dropshippers can capitalize on the platform’s incredible AI capabilities to grow their reach and revenues. The inherent structure of the platform combined with the highly sophisticated algorithms makes for the perfect breeding ground for successful marketing. Many users think that Meta suppresses posts after some time has passed, but ads will never be suppressed. So, as a dropshipper, you can take full advantage of the platform’s own idiosyncrasies and even bank on them!

Top 5 Ways to Benefit from Facebook Ads

As we’ve established, Facebook ads can be incredibly beneficial for ecommerce stores. They can drive great traffic to your website and result in significant profits. But now that we’ve cleared up all the reasons to use Facebook ads for ecommerce purposes, you might want to understand the means. If you’re wondering how you can make the most out of Facebook ads as a business owner, here’s our list of 5 best ways of doing it!
Top 5 Ways to Benefit from Facebook Ads
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1. Testing

The most important Facebook ad strategy for ecommerce purposes is testing. What no one will tell you is that there is no perfect measured formula for every niche. Each specific niche requires the method of trial and error. Test everything – ad creatives, copies, even the time of running the ads. You should go as far as testing every detail of the creatives – from the tone of voice and design to the color ranges. Try a lighthearted and teasing tone, then go for something more blasé and self-assured. Test bold colors as well as more muted and neutral shades. Test the mood of the images, copies, designs, everything you can. And once all testing is done – go with the best-performing variations.

2. Product Reviews

Product reviews can encourage potential buyers to act on their impulses and make a purchase. It can be a powerful strategy for ecommerce on Facebook and increase the efficiency of your Facebook ads. But most people will forget to leave a review on their own, so they need to be reminded. Make sure to encourage all clients to leave reviews. You can even create ads directed at clients and hinting at or directly asking them to review their purchases. This can prove to be a very effective Facebook ad strategy for ecommerce purposes due to the long-term results it can provide.
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3. Format

Decide on the format of the ad you plan to run. Meta offers various options like stories, posts, videos, and carousels. We’ve found over the years that the best type of Facebook ad for ecommerce stores is a carousel ad. It allows you to showcase your most exciting products in the same post all the while maintaining simplicity and relative ease. These kinds of posts are comparatively quick to create – especially if you already have product pictures. All that will remain is to tweak the visuals, create a copy, and voila! You have a carousel ad ready for posting. Carousels are the best type of Facebook ad for ecommerce due to how efficient and easy to use they are.

4. Videos

Reels and videos have overtaken the medium and it would be wasteful not to use them. Of course, they are more time-consuming in their creation but they’re the best Facebook ad type for ecommerce if you’re aiming at a younger audience. And the younger the audience, the more videos you will want to incorporate into your campaigns. Keep the videos short, precise, and expressive to achieve maximum results with your young demographics. Pay attention to how well each video is performing and only continue making videos similar in tone to those that bring the highest numbers. The best Facebook ad type for ecommerce is the one that works. In fact, videos work best on TikTok’s platform taking into consideration its built-in user interface, which makes it important to get full agency TikTok ad account to bypass all account restrictions.

retargeting facebook ads
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5. Retargeting

As we mentioned before, retargeting is perhaps the most useful Facebook ad strategy for ecommerce. You’d do well to bank on it as much as you can. Retarget ads and direct them toward all audiences that have been warmed up in advance. Prep cold audiences with the initial blast of ads so you can retarget the prepped audience and encourage them to make purchasing decisions. Retargeting is the ultimate difference between users simply seeing your ad and actually going through with a purchase. It’s probably the best Facebook ad type for ecommerce. So, make sure to use them and cash in on that profit! And if you would like to run your retargeting campaigns with ease and without any interruptions like ad rejections or blocked ad accounts, you may want to consider renting an ad account from a professional digital media buying agency.

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