Unlocking Access: The Agency’s Guide to TikTok Unban Success


Are you stressing about how to get unbanned from TikTok? Sudden and unexpected account bans are common on TikTok because most users fail to understand the platform’s rules and regulations. TikTok employs various rules and bans to regulate the performance of user accounts. Entrepreneurs and e-commerce brands should consider engaging an agency specialized in their niche to avoid getting TikTok account suspended as they scale their business.

Working towards a TikTok unban demands navigating a complex process, which varies depending on the underlying reason that led to the ban. It could be an innocent mistake like unknowingly violating the platform’s stringent censorship and intellectual property rights. One dodgy upload is all it takes to derail your TikTok marketing strategy!

Or perhaps, you’re trying to secure a TikTok unban after being flagged by TikTok’s rapidly changing algorithm – the platform is riddled with technical errors. Allow GCG Media to help you understand how to get unbanned from TikTok and navigate the content policies confidently.  

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Submitting a TikTok Appeal for Different Types of Bans

Before we dive into the intricacies of submitting a TikTok appeal, it’s pertinent to identify the reasons that led to your account being suspended. TikTok employs various types of bans to regulate content creation and limit user accessibility when its algorithms detect spammy, unethical or plagiarized content.

Permanent Ban

Navigating how to get unbanned from TikTok after a permanent ban restricting your ability to create a new account is a serious conundrum. This strict restriction is only imposed on repeated rule violations and aims to deny access to repeat offenders.

Tiktok Permanent Ban

Users who have been permanently banned from the platform cannot access any features and in case of severe violations, the user’s device cannot be used to create a new TikTok ads manager account. If you’re trying to submit a TikTok appeal to remove a permanent ban you’ll likely need professional expertise because there are very few, rare cases of TikTok reversing this ban.

The TikTok appeal can attempt to highlight technical errors or algorithm glitches, but if the reason is a content violation, you’re highly unlikely to secure a TikTok unban. Incurring a permanent ban on TikTok may result in users losing access to their accounts, including features like TikTok Shop, thus impeding their ability to participate in e-commerce. Similarly, encountering the issue of TikTok shop not showing can disrupt businesses’ efforts to effectively display their products and connect with potential customers on the platform.


As the name implies, this ban silently restricts the visibility of your content without any direct notification. The Shadowban is an unofficial term coined by the TikTok community because the restrictions don’t come with a banner notification.

A Shadowban can cost influencers and ecommerce businesses their revenues, because their videos don’t appear in the “For You” feeds, disconnecting them from their target audiences. Submitting a TikTok appeal for a ban you’re not aware of can be an uphill battle, and most users struggle to understand what went wrong.

reasons behind tiktok Shadowban

Here are some common reasons behind a Shadowban:

Algorithm glitches

Tiktok algorithms commonly flag certain hashtags, keywords and topics as being potentially offensive or harmful, resulting in a Shadowban.

Content Violation

Tiktok has an extensively long list of community regulations, with strict stipulations on sharing personal identity information, spreading misinformation and promoting gambling. Violating any of these guidelines can result in a Shadowban.

Spammy behavior

It may seem bizarre and unfair, but TikTok can impose a Shadowban if you’re posting too many videos or adding too many comments.

Temporary Ban

If you’re struggling to appeal a TikTok unban to eliminate restrictions on posting, commenting and viewing, among other activities, you’re most likely dealing with a temporary ban. These bans are quite straightforward, as users are notified before the platform restricts their activities. Sometimes this ban causes users to think “why does my tiktok have 0 views“?

The process is transparent and users receive a banner notification revealing the activities that led to the restrictions. As the name implies, this ban doesn’t last longer than 48-72 hours, and is usually triggered by violations of the platform’s content and community policies. Submitting a TikTok appeal for a temporary ban is fairly easy and simple.

Tiktok temporary ban

Underage Ban

Users violating TikTok’s stringent minimum age requirements are banned from the platform, and their accounts are permanently deleted. Users under the age of 13 and 14 are not allowed to use the platform. While creators and influencers with professional accounts don’t have much to worry, TikTok is known to mistakenly impose an underage ban in some cases. If you’re facing an underage ban, use our tips to submit a TikTok appeal and reinstate your account. 

TikTok Underage Ban

Why is My TikTok Account Suspended?

Why is My TikTok Account Suspended?

Here’s a common conundrum that nearly all TikTok users face if they don’t bother reading let alone complying with the platform’s lengthy community guidelines. TikTok is strict in imposing regulations, although recent reports have suggested that the platform provides preferential treatment to certain influencers, adopting a more lenient evaluation system toward their violations.

Not all users who struggle to secure a TikTok unban are guilty of violations – at times, their marketing efforts and revenue streams are curtailed due to mistakes and unspecified permanent bans by the platform. TikTok can permanently ban your account without any offense on your part, which is why it’s always safer to entrust your TikTok marketing strategy to a specialized agency.

As per TikTok’s recent transparency report, the platform permanently removed over 25 million accounts in 2023 alone. During the same year, over 120 million videos were removed for violating community guidelines. On the flip side, over 4 million users secured a TikTok unban after successfully appealing the restrictions in 2021. 

In order to file a successful TikTok appeal, you need to understand the community guidelines and ensure your violations are minimal and excusable. Once a permanent ban is imposed, navigating how to get unbanned from TikTok is a formidable challenge. 

Brands cannot actualize the advertising potential of TikTok unless they’re equipped with the resources and tools of a TikTok agency account. Marketers often struggle to engage their audiences with immersive campaigns due to shadowbans and temporary restrictions after posting too many ads. With a TikTok agency account, you can bypass restrictions and maximize the advertising potential of this platform. 

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