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Best Facebook Ads for Dropshipping


Dropshipping on Facebook is a profitable business, but even high profits can be doubled or tripled! Keep reading and find out how to create the best Facebook ads for dropshipping.
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Ad Campaign Structure on Facebook

First, let’s look at the first and most important step – campaign structure. If you want to know how to create the best Facebook ads for dropshipping and achieve the highest results, you need to pay a lot of attention to your campaign structure. Now, most experienced dropshippers certainly already know about the basic way of using Meta’s campaign structure, like ad sets, objectives, targets, and so on. But many business owners go straight to Conversions as their objective, which is great for any business, but not the only choice. If your page is completely new, you will also benefit from the setting to the Awareness objective. The main reason for this is that the higher your follower count on social media, the more reputable your brand appears. So, focus on raising Awareness as much as Conversions.
Ad Campaign Structure on Facebook for dropshipping
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If you’re still wondering how to create the best Facebook ads for dropshipping, think of the next important aspect of the ad campaign structure – target audiences. The key to incredibly successful targeting on Meta is laser-focused precision. The way to achieve such precision is by zeroing in on layered targeting. For example, you can set your demographics to moms. But it would be even better to zero in – green moms, new moms, corporate moms, or stay-at-home moms. You can take it even a step further by adding more layers like relationship status or industry of work/education. This way, you end up creating ultra-precise dropshipping ads for Facebook which will improve the profitability of your eCommerce store.

How to Create Facebook Ads for Dropshipping

Now that we’ve discussed some tips on improving the overall campaign, let’s see how we can create the best Facebook ads for dropshipping. When it comes to the ad creation process, you need to really think about your visual and narrative presentation. Let’s break that down. The formula for a perfect text and narration is brevity and originality. Basically, try to keep your wording precise and short but creative and engaging. Now, this may sound like a lot of work – and it probably is. But we’re not talking about reinventing the wheel here. Just try to replace the most commonly used phrases or CTAs with something a bit more original. For example, instead of saying “Shop” say “Try it out”. The goal here is not to shock the viewer with a mind-altering piece of prose – it’s to make the text stand out from other ads. Just that extra bit of something may be enough to catch a viewer’s attention.
How to Create Facebook Ads for Dropshipping
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Another important know-how we want to share with you about how to create the optimal Facebook ads for dropshipping is the visual appeal of your ads. Elevated creatives will make or break your ad – so pay attention to every small detail about them. Make sure your visuals look professional and appealing but maintain a hint of playfulness and color. Incorporate visual jokes and puns in your videos whenever possible. If you have a discount or a sale – stress it with the visual display. Match the mood of your ads’ visuals to your dropshipping website and the landing page – this will create a coherent narrative in the user’s mind. Try to use as many videos as possible – the format is dominating social media platforms right now, and Facebook is no exception!

How to Use Facebook Ads for Dropshipping

How to use Facebook ads for dropshipping to achieve maximum results? One word – retargeting. The best part about running dropshipping ads on Facebook is that the platform allows for fast and effective retargeting campaigns. The bread and butter of a Facebook dropshipper – retargeting is the key to controlling consumer decisions. When the user first sees the ad for your brand and product, they may be intrigued and interested, if you’ve selected the right target audiences. But despite their interest, many will not purchase immediately. This may be due to their limited purchasing power or simply a conscious decision to not impulse buy items.
How to Use Facebook Ads for Dropshipping

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However, retargeting is how you can nudge them in the direction you want them to go. If the user sees your product one more time they will be more willing to make a purchasing decision simply because of the time they’ve had to process the product internally. And when they see the ad again – they click on it in fear of missing out. It’s how you can use Facebook ads for dropshipping with optimal outcomes. And if you would like to run seamless retargeting ads on Facebook, check out the best Facebook AdTech platform to exceed all of your performance indicators!