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How to Avoid Getting Your Facebook Ad Account Suspended in 2023


A restricted Facebook ads account can become a major hurdle for Meta advertisers. It can significantly slow down your ads campaign and reflect negatively on performance. But you can avoid getting suspended and avoid any issues. How? Keep reading to find out!

Why Your Facebook Ad Account Keeps Getting Disabled

If you are a Meta advertiser, having your Facebook account restricted from advertising for no reason can be extremely frustrating and it can easily cost you in returns. Being banned from Facebook ads will directly impact the performance of your campaigns and your ROAS. As an online marketer, it is important to understand why this may be happening and what you can do to fix the issue. There are several reasons why your Facebook ad account keeps getting disabled, which we will explore in detail below.

One of the most common reasons for an account being disabled or restricted from advertising is that it does not follow Facebook Advertising Policies. This could include posting content deemed offensive, failing to comply with legal requirements such as age restrictions on alcohol ads, or using images that violate copyright regulations. It is important to double-check all of your posts before publishing them to ensure they meet these standards.
Another common reason why a Facebook ad account keeps getting disabled seemingly for no reason is poor payment history. If you owe money to Facebook for unpaid advertising or neglect to keep up with your payments, your account can be blocked from running ads until the issue is resolved. Additionally, Facebook limits the number of times an advertiser can start and stop campaigns in a short period of time, so if this limit is exceeded, it could also lead to an account being disabled.
Finally, Facebook will sometimes disable accounts simply because they think they are suspicious. If they detect any strange activity on your account such as sudden changes in spending habits or large amounts of traffic coming from one place, they may flag it as suspicious and disable the account until its legitimacy can be confirmed. So, as you see now, it’s not that your Facebook account gets restricted for no reason from advertising, it’s just that there are a number of different and complicated reasons this may be happening. So, what can you do to avoid the situation?

How to Avoid a Banned Facebook Ad Account

Fixing a banned Facebook ad account is much harder than preempting the issue right from the start. Undoing the suspension can be time-consuming and has no guarantees of success. Prevention, on the other hand, is the wise path of an experienced business owner. You should try to avoid getting banned from Facebook ads in order to ensure the most productive campaign you can have. But what can you do to avoid being banned from Facebook ads?

1. Avoid Selling Prohibited Products

Meta does not allow selling prohibited products and services on its platform. The list of these products includes drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons and ammunition, adult content, and illegal activity. Selling or advertising any of these types of products will easily get your Facebook ads account banned for obvious reasons. As influential as Meta is, the law is still the law. But the other points will get more complicated.

2. Avoid Discrimination or Inaccuracies

Meta is very strict about their views on discrimination and misinformation. Both of these will get your Facebook ads account restricted in a heartbeat. So, to avoid getting your Facebook ads account restricted, make sure your ads and brand do not carry any such sentiments. Discrimination includes any remarks, comments, or stereotypes about specific groups of people such as minorities. Inaccuracies and misinformation, on the other hand, could be any type of claim about your product that is not backed by evidence or is clearly false. To avoid getting your ads account restricted, avoid including these types of sentiments in your ads and overall branding.

3. Pay Attention to Your Risk Score

It’s important to pay attention to your Facebook ads account risk score, which is determined and tracked by Meta. Your ads are monitored for violations of Meta Standards and suspicious activity that could indicate an attempt to manipulate or game the system. This can include spam-like behavior, the use of third-party ad networks, or a significant change in your advertising approach. Meta will then assign a risk score to your account, and if that score is too high, it could lead to Facebook banning your ads account. To avoid getting your Facebook ads account banned, you should take steps to monitor and reduce your risk score. This includes regularly reviewing the content of your ads for compliance with Facebook policies and if the work is too time-consuming, you can always delegate this task to the professionals.

4. Use a Single IP Address to Launch Ads

It is essential to use a single IP address when launching your ads, as doing otherwise will signal to Meta that something is off. By avoiding using different IP addresses, Facebook’s automated systems will not be able to detect suspicious activity or multiple accounts coming from the same address. Not only will this help protect your ad account from being banned, but it will also make it easier for you to troubleshoot any issues that may arise with your ads in the future.

5. Avoid Violating Meta Policies

Last but not least, always triple check policy compliance. Make sure that your ads are in complete compliance with Meta policies and avoid violating any of them. These policies outline what type of content, imagery, and language can be used in ads. Violating these guidelines can and likely will result in an immediate suspension of your ad account. To avoid getting banned from Facebook ads, it is vital to read through all the rules before launching any campaigns on Facebook. Now, we know it’s a significant amount of work – so you can delegate this task to the best digital media buying agency. We will ensure complete policy compliance on all of your ads. Contact us to learn more.

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