Quick Guide: 6 Easy Steps to Set Up Your TikTok Ads Manager Account in Just 1 Minute


TikTok provides over 5 million large, medium and small-scale businesses a platform to reach over 1 billion adult consumers, including millennials. With more than 1 billion videos being viewed on the platform, the user engagement and advertising potential is exponential. Equipped with the analytical tools of the TikTok Ads Manager, advertisers can generate high-quality leads and convert them into loyal customers.

TikTok advertising isn’t as simple as other digital and social media platforms. This trendy platform imposes strict regulations to monitor and regulate user activity and maintain a stream of high-quality and immersive, spam-free content for its users. Advertisers must create a TikTok account and link it with the TikTok Ads Manager to enjoy effective user engagement and reach. It’s also wise to invest in a TikTok agency ad account to bypass restrictions and enjoy specialized support from TikTok advertising specialists. Utilizing an agency account can help you bypass restrictions and effectively assist in the process to unban TikTok, ensuring your advertising efforts remain uninterrupted.

Read on to learn how to create a TikTok Account and set up your TikTok Ads Manager with 6 simple steps.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Make a TikTok Account for Ad Management

Setting up a TikTok Ads Manager account allows marketers to reach their marketing targets with expanded reach and greater engagement, which ultimately can help with going viral on TikTok. TikTok Ads Manager provides a wealth of creative tools and ads format, making content creation simpler and much more immersive. The targeting tools allow advertisers to identify their target audience in the most precise manner, resulting in greater conversions.

Let’s look at the steps to help you create a TikTok account for ads management:

Step#1: Sign Up for TikTok Ads Manager

Open TikTok Ad Manager to sign up for the account. You can sign up using your phone number or your email address. Once you’ve filled out the relevant details, you will receive a verification code. Enter this code and complete your account registration.

Sign Up for TikTok Ads Manager

Step#2: Fill out the Information Form

TikTok will lead you toward a form requiring information regarding your business. This form typically includes information regarding the country and region your business is operating, the time zone, and your preferred billing currency. Keep in mind that information about your time zone cannot be changed later so be sure to add accurate details.

When adding the business name, make sure it is the exact same or substantially similar to your legal name. You will fail the account evaluation if TikTok notices any discrepancies between your company’s legal name and the details you’ve provided under the “Business Name” section.

As you navigate the TikTok create account process, we strongly advise keeping all legal documentation by your side. You will need to double-check the business license and the IRs SS-4 EIN Assignment Letter to avoid making any errors. Why is this important?

Any inaccuracies in the business name can cut off access to the TikTok For Business features, which are incredibly useful and important for advertisers. Features like ad credit programs and TikTok Creator Marketplace work wonders at streamlining day-to-day activities.

Once you’ve filled out the form, double-check the information and select “Register.”

Setting up your TikTok Ads Manager Account

Step#3: Setting up your TikTok Ads Manager Account

Once you register, TikTok will lead you to the Dashboard. Go to Account Settings and click on Account Info.

Provide more Details for Business Information

Step#4: Provide more Details for Business Information

TikTok requires comprehensive details in the Business Information section, and all the information must be accurate in order to pass the account review.

You will have to provide the following:

Company Website

Here, you need to provide the URL for your official business website in this format:


If you fail to follow this format, your account request will be rejected during the review. It is also important to ensure that the URL you’ve added is functional and the website works adequately.

The website URL you add to your TikTok Ads Manager account must:

  • Be functional and free of technical errors
  • Feature all the relevant contact information
  • Offer a product or service
  • Offer relevant information to the product or service you intend to advertise
add website URL to your TikTok Ads Manager account


This section requires you to specify the industry in which you’re operating, and make sure this information is aligned with the legalities of how you’ve officially registered your business with the authorities.


TikTok requires businesses to provide their street address, state/province and the postal code.

Business Verification

Most advertisers skip this optional field while navigating the TikTok create account page but we strongly recommend verifying your business. Business verification will empower you with a wealth of Tiktok for Business features, including ad credit programs and the TikTok Creator Marketplace. It may seem tedious but it will only take a few seconds.

Step#5: Choose your Payment Method

Once you’ve filled out the relevant details, it’s time to select the payment method. TikTok Ads Manager offers two payment methods:

  •  Manual Payment
  •  Automatic Payment

Choose whichever billing method aligns with your advertising budget and spending strategy.

hoose your Payment Method on tiktok ads manager

Step#6: Submit for Account Review

Double-check all the details before scrolling down to the bottom of the page and hitting “Submit.” TikTok has a standard reviewing process to examine and verify all the information provided. It can take around 24 hours for your account to be reviewed and approved.

Advertisers face innumerable limitations and restrictions while running campaigns, even with a TikTok Ads Manager account for the platform doesn’t want its users to be spammed with promotions. We encourage brands to invest in our TikTok Agency ad account – a business account created by TikTok for the platform’s official partners.

Owning an Agency ad account from a digital media buying agency can supercharge your brand’s visibility and advertising potential by eliminating all limitations on billing methods, targeting and ad formats. You can penetrate new markets by targeting consumers across over 55 countries, increase your ad spending, and enjoy limitless creative freedom.

What Does a TikTok Ads Manager Offer?

What Does a TikTok Ads Manager Offer

Are you an influencer or content creator looking for creative strategies to generate leads for your ecommerce site? In that case, a TikTok Ads Manager account can help you streamline the creation and management of TikTok ads. Advertisers and brands would naturally want to equip themselves with the upgraded features and tools of an Agency Ad account or the TikTok Business Center.

But if you’d like to engage with a global audience while streamlining your content creation and advertising needs, TikTok Ads Manager can help you get started. The tools are simple and straightforward, making this account ideal for beginners who don’t have extensive training in advertising. 

TikTok’s robust targeting capabilities empower creators to reach their desired audience demographics effectively, maximizing views and engagement; however, understanding the platform’s algorithms and optimizing content strategy is crucial to avoid the perplexing question of Why does my TikTok have 0 views?

Let’s take a closer look at the features available in the TikTok Ads Manager account:

What Does a TikTok Ads Manager Offer

Streamlined Dashboard

With a TikTok Ads Manager account, you can access all your advertising campaigns and creative tools within one dashboard. You can easily examine their performance with a variety of analytical tools and metrics, and access budgeting tools to set targets for your ads.

Ad Formats & Creative Tools

One compelling reason behind the exponential growth and success of TikTok advertising is the enormous creative potential of this platform. TikTok Ads Manager equips its users with a wealth of ad format and creative tools to engage your audience with immersive and interactive storytelling tactics.

Making engaging video advertisements becomes incredibly easy when you’re working with cutting-edge tools and video templates. If you don’t have professional editing skills or high-definition videos, you can use the templates to create videos with photographs. TikTok Ads Manager truly elevates content quality without requiring a specialized skill set.


Automated creative enhancements are another advantage that make TikTok a popular platform among advertisers and content creators. The TikTok Ads Manager account offers automation tools to streamline the otherwise tedious process of content creation, distribution and optimization. Automation makes ad management easier, efficient and effective.

Highly Targeted Advertising

Advertisements, no matter how immersive they are, can only generate yields if they are targeted at the right audience. TikTok Ads Manager offers advanced targeting options, allowing creators to identify their consumer audience by age, gender, location, preferences and other factors.

Advertisers can further expand their customer base and penetrate new markets by selecting Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences to engage with users similar to their existing audience. However, enterprises eager to target users across multiple countries and regions might want to explore how TikTok agency accounts are changing the advertising industry.

Data-Driven Insights

TikTok Ads Manager offers various data measurement and performance tracking tools to maintain transparency and monitor advertising ROIs. The data measurement tools allow advertisers to track the performance of each complaint, providing customized reports and real-time insights. 

TikTok Ads Manager seamlessly integrates with TikTok Shop, allowing businesses to not only promote their products through targeted advertising campaigns but also directly drive sales by linking to their shop. However, if TikTok Shop is not showing, troubleshooting its disappearance can ensure uninterrupted access to this valuable e-commerce platform

TikTok pixel is particularly useful in examining how users behave and interact with your website, and analyzing the performance of campaigns and their impact on lead generation and conversion. Advertisers can also benefit from third-party trackers to monitor ad conversions, impression, click attribution and user engagement.

Final Thoughts

Setting up a TikTok Ads Manager account is akin to diving on the shallow end of the infinite creative pool of TikTok advertisements. If you’d like to dive deeper and explore a realm of limitless creativity, we urge you to invest in our TikTok Agency Ad Account and combat the volatile competitiveness with specialized support from TikTok itself.

Owning a TikTok Agency Ad Account allows brands and advertisers to bypass limitations, such as a video being restricted due to supposedly spammy content or temporary account suspension. Considering the massive spending required for TikTok advertising, we urge enterprises to protect their interests and their marketing ROIs with a specialized account designed to support advertisers.

If you’d like to learn more about our Agency Ad Account and how it can help scale your business, feel free to reach out and book a detailed consultation session.

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