Managing Multiple Accounts Google Ads Manager Accounts (MCC): A Comprehensive MCC Ads Guide


Setting up a Google Ads Manager Account (MCC) equips advertisers and agencies with a wide host of resources and tools to successfully manage multiple accounts. Imagine launching and running multiple campaigns simultaneously, with analytical tools to help you maximize your advertising ROIs and monitor the lead generation potential of each ad.

Owning an MCC Google account comes with innumerable perks, and this detailed guide will walk you through the process of curating highly targeted and tailored Google MCC ads.

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How Does the Google Ads Manager Work?

How Does the Google Ads Manager Work?

Marketers and agencies struggle to manage multiple Google Ad accounts, and MCC Google is the ideal solution to streamline all advertising roles with one platform. MCC Google allows advertisers to manage multiple Google Ads accounts in one dashboard, connecting multiple accounts with different login details.

Owning a Google Ads Manager account streamlines all campaigns, allowing agencies to monitor each campaign and provide highly tailored services to each client. MCC Google is particularly advantageous for large companies running highly segmented advertising campaigns for various product lines or brands.

MCC Google allows businesses to overcome geographic boundaries and penetrate new markets worldwide with geo-specific targeting. The best part of owning a Google Ad Manager account is indeed the ability to manage everything from one single dashboard.

Why Should I Invest in a Google Ads Manager Account?

Why Should I Invest in a Google Ads Manager Account?

If you’re using a regular ad account, you must be struggling to monitor your campaigns because logging in and out of the accounts is a hassle. A regular account only allows users to create 25 sub-accounts, and the extensive overload of usernames and passwords can create innumerable hurdles for advertisers and their devices.

Setting up a Google Ads Manager account offers a wealth of advantages by streamlining all advertising campaigns within one, highly organized dashboard. 

Here are some compelling advantages of owning a Google MCC account:

  • Easy management and navigation across multiple ad accounts within a single, streamlined dashboard.
  • The ability to create and manage innumerable campaigns for multiple clients without encountering any difficulties.
  • Analytical tools to run competitive analyses for all ad accounts and obtain performance reports simultaneously.
  • Notifications and tools to monitor the performance of all ad accounts.
  • One monthly invoice for all ad accounts.

Who Should Own an MCC Google Account?

Are you running multiple Google Ad accounts for a large enterprise with multiple brands? Or perhaps, you need a streamlined dashboard to manage multiple clients who have entrusted their advertising campaigns to your media buying agency? Either way, owning an MCC Google account will supercharge your advertising responsibilities with efficiency and easily trackable performance metrics.

The Google Ads Manager account is a great investment for in-house marketers, digital marketing agencies and companies catering to ad campaigns for multiple clients. Owning an MCC account allows advertisers to equip themselves with cutting-edge performance and data analytics tools, and the ability to create, edit and manage campaigns with considerable ease.

If you want to manage your daily workload with ease and efficiency, invest in a Google Ads manager account to streamline all your campaigns in one dashboard.

Getting Started: How to Set up a Google Ads Manager Account?

Advertisers commonly confuse an MCC Google account with a new and improved version of their current Google Ads account. The ease with which creators can manage Google MCC accounts truly eliminates the hassle, for it offers an extensive Ad Manager network to streamline and handle all your campaigns.

You need to create your inventory of advertisements, setting up all the ads you want to run on your app or website. Then, the Ad Manager will assign a tag for each ad, allowing you to manage transactions with specific line items and orders. Moreover, MCC Google will create customizable performance reports for each ad, offering valuable insights into revenue projections and lead generation potential.

Here’s how you can create your Google Ads Manager Account:

Open the Google Ads Manager Accounts page and click on “Get Started”.

  • You will be directed to a page with a form requesting your personal details. Be sure to sign up using the email address you’ve chosen for your Google Ads account.
  • Create a name for your Google Ads Manager account.
how to create your Google Ads Manager Account
  • Google will give you two options:
    1. Manage your own accounts.
    2. Manage accounts for clients/third parties.
Google will give you two options to create accounts
  • Enter your country and time zone details – Keep in mind that time zone is a crucial metric for performance reporting and billing and these details cannot be changed later.
  • Select the billing currency for your MCC Google account – You can select different currencies for each Google Ad Manager account you link.
  • Once you’ve filled out all the details, click “Submit” to get started.

How to Link Multiple Ad Accounts with the MCC Google Account?

Advertisers can streamline and manage Google MCC accounts by linking various ad accounts once their Google Ad Manager account is set up and ready to use.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Open Settings and select “Sub-account settings” from your Google Ads Manager account.
How to Link Multiple Ad Accounts with the MCC Google Account
  • Now, select the blue + option and click on “Link existing account.”
link multiple Google Ads accounts
  • Then, add in the ten-digital Google Ads ID number to link the ad account.
add in the ten-digital Google Ads ID number
  • The account you’re trying to link with Google MCC will receive a request notification in the sidebar menu. Open it and click on “Account Access.”
link with Google MCC
  • You can find the access request in the Managers tab, right beneath the “Link Request.” Once you find the request, select “Accept.”
access request in the Managers tab
  • You can customize the kind of access you want to allow, such as view only, edit or administrative.

Once the access request is granted, marketers can streamline all administrative chores and manage Google MCC accounts, provided tailored ad campaigns to multiple clients within one dashboard. Isn’t it incredible how easily and straightforwardly the Google Ads Manager account allows you to run multiple campaigns simultaneously?

Now, imagine if you could achieve the same efficiency and ease while advertising on Google? With our Google ads agency account, you can bypass content restrictions and engage your audience with highly targeted advertisements.

Bidding & Budgeting: How to Use an MCC Google Account Effectively?

How to Use an MCC Google Account Effectively?

Advertisers need competitive budgeting and bidding tactics for each sub-account while setting up their MCC Google dashboard. We advise allocating a budget for every linked account to avoid depleting resources and regulate advertising spending. You can allocate the budget from the Settings section for each linked account.

A bidding strategy forms the crux of the advertising game plan, determining how much you’re planning to bid for target keywords and ad frequency. Google Ads offer the following bidding strategies:

Automatic Bidding

Google will automate the adjustment of all bids to reach your targeted return on ad spend (ROAS) or target cost per action (CPA).

Enhanced Cost per Click (CPC)

Your bids will be automatically adjusted to reach the target cost per click.

Manual Bidding

You can allocate a specific amount for every ad placement or keyword.

Website Verification & Claiming

You cannot initiate ad campaigns without verifying and claiming the website, which will grant the Google Ads Manager administrative access to the site. This crucial step will help you analyze performance and track lead generation and conversion with data-driven insights.

It’s a simple process:

  • Open your Google MCC account and click on “Business Information.”
Open your Google MCC account
  • Add in the Website URL.
Website Verification & Claiming
  • You can add an HTML file to verify the website or use a Meta tag to site’s HTML code.
MCC google: Add in the Website URL.
  • Once the verification is completely, the website will be officially added to the Google Ads manager database.

How to Track Conversions with an MCC Google Account?

Tracking conversions with analytical insights is the most advantageous feature of setting up a Google Ads account manager. This feature empowers advertisers with data-driven performance metrics to optimize and enhance ad campaigns.

You can set up MCC tracking conversions with these simple steps:

  • Open Tools and select Conversion to set up conversion actions in your Google MCC account.
verify the website or use a Meta tag to site’s HTML code
  • Select the conversions you want to track, such as sign-ups, leads, or sales.
set up MCC tracking conversions with these simple steps
  • Use the Google Tag Manager to add the conversion tracking code.
Use the Google Tag Manager to add the conversion tracking code
  • Check the conversion reports in your Google Ads manager account to verify the tracker’s functionality.

How Can I Maximize Efficiency with a Google Ads Manager Account?

How to Maximize Efficiency with a Google Ads Manager Account?

We urge advertisers and brands to make the most of their MCC Google account by optimizing it efficiently. Optimization will help boost the performance of your ad campaigns, driving ROIs with higher conversions and more specific targeting.

Choose the Right Structure

Creating a structure is integral to optimizing your Google Ads Manager account and making the most of its analytical features. We strongly urge you to arrange all the ad groups, campaigns and keywords with a streamlined system so you can easily identify problems and track performance.

Adjusting the Settings for Each Campaign

Optimization is crucial to ensure all ad campaigns are extensively tailored to the clients’ needs. We advise you to focus on budgeting, bidding, ad delivery and scheduling, and ad targeting in order to maximize efficiency and performance.

First, you need to examine all your campaigns and identify spheres for improvements. Be sure to take advantage of Google’s data-driven insights as you make adjustments to the budget, bids and ad targeting. Advertisers often hesitate to experiment with new tactics but we strongly believe that trying out various strategies can help you find the right fit for each client.

Enhance your Advertisements

Even a Google Ads Manager account cannot help much if your ad campaigns are boring and irrelevant to their target audience. Advertisers must utilize MCC Google’s cutting-edge features to enhance the quality and relevancy of their campaigns. Whether you’re advertising for an ecommerce site or a brick-and-mortar business, optimization tools can help you secure desired outcomes.

For instance, ad audits can help you track performance while ad layouts can help you customize and increase their visual appeal. Advertising with a Google MCC account is highly efficient because you can easily identify which ads are performing and which need enhancement.

Never Stop Experimenting

Setting up a Google Ads Manager account provides marketers with a tech-savvy dashboard brimming with analytical tools and features that inspire creativity and encourage experimentation. The MCC Google account is a playing field that encourages testing and iteration to help advertisers meet evolving consumer expectations and market shifts.

You must utilize analytical insights to monitor performance and outcomes, track your progress and make data-driven modifications to boost conversions. You must never stop experimenting because improvement is a continuous process to make the most of your Google Ads Manager account.

Final Thoughts

At GCG Media, we’re always encouraging advertisers to streamline their responsibilities and actualize their creative potential without exhausting themselves. Parting ways with traditional and manual tools can be a struggle, but once you embrace efficient tools and dashboards like the Google MCC account, there’s no turning back because the conversion potential is exponential!

Google and TikTok have taken center-stage in 2024’s marketing projections, offering advertisers a wealth of tools to engage their target audiences and generate high-quality leads. 

Much like the Google MCC account, our Google ad agency accounts are designed to bypass restrictions and maximize conversion potential as you engage Gen Z users on this visually immersive platform. Get in touch with our team to book a detailed consultation session and learn more about our agency accounts. 

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