How to Use the Facebook Ads Library to 10X Your Ads in 2023


The Facebook Ads Library is a motherload of information and a powerful tool for maximizing returns. So, let’s see what it is and how you as an advertiser can bank on it!
What is the Facebook Ads Library?

What is the Facebook Ads Library?

The Facebook Ads Library is a searchable online database in which Meta gives you complete access to information pertaining to all ads currently in the running, as well as ads that were run for up to 7 years prior. The database includes data on who created the ad, the date of publishing, and the creatives that came with the ad. So, why does the Meta Ads Library matter to us? Well, there are a number of reasons we as advertisers care about this, but the big one is that the Facebook Ads Library can be a potent marketing tool!

The Benefits of Using the Meta Ads Library

In the light of the recent Meta ad policy updates, business owners need to focus on maximizing results and the Meta Ads Library provides a list of major benefits for this. For the consumer, it’s useful to see what the platform is up to. For marketers, on the other hand, it’s a way of boosting results. Here are the main advantages that the Facebook Ads Library can give to businesses:

Observe ads from all around the globe.

Access your competitors’ ads for research purposes.

Get inspired for creating your own ads in the long run.

How To Capitalize on Meta ads library

By checking out ads from all over the world in the library, you can see what each market you’re aiming at is like. Different cultures may require different advertising strategies for e-commerce websites. By observing the overall mood and energy of the ads others run locally on Facebook and adapting your ads, you achieve a realistic chance with the local market. The Report feature also allows you to filter ads of political and social nature if that’s what you’re going for. Another benefit of the Meta Ads Library is the possibility of getting inspired for future ads through the vast range of different approaches you see in the Facebook ads library. It’s also the best tool to conduct a thorough and in-depth competitor analysis which can be very important. Good competitor research can make or break your whole campaign!

How To Capitalize on the Facebook Ads Library?

To get the most out of it, implement 3 tactics. First, get all the information you can about the location you’re going to target and what strategy is used for that market. How? Well, the Meta Ads Library is incredibly user-friendly. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced professional, you can easily learn to navigate the Facebook ads library. You simply need to go to the Facebook Ads Library page and select the location, category, and keywords you want to browse. The ads will show up and you’ll be free to check out the styles, tones, and niches suitable for each market based on location. Watch for things like design choices, tone of voice, cultural aspects, and taboos to create the perfect ad in tune with the market.

How To Capitalize on the Facebook Ads Library?

The second thing you should do is draw inspiration from the Facebook ads library. Meta gives you access to a ton of past and present ads and some of them can be pretty impressive. Check out all the ads in your niche – draw inspiration from them. Don’t steal their ads, copies, or designs, but just draw from the ideas they have for your future Facebook ads. And, of course, the final thing you can do is competitor research. A thorough and well-thought-out competitor analysis can easily up your numbers on Facebook ads. Make sure to use the brand names in the search field to find the exact competitors you’re looking for. Check out their test runs – the ads that come with the same visual but different copies or vice versa. Test ads will often have something static and differing parts.

Empowering Secrets: Facebook Ads Library and Agency Accounts

The Facebook Ads Library serves as a valuable resource for advertisers and marketers, offering insights into competitors’ ad strategies and allowing for thorough market research. By accessing this extensive database, businesses can gain inspiration, analyze trends, and refine their own ad campaigns for optimal performance. Additionally, Facebook agency accounts provide specialized support and tools tailored to the needs of marketing professionals, empowering them to manage multiple clients’ campaigns efficiently, access advanced targeting options, and leverage exclusive resources to achieve maximum impact and ROI. Together, these tools and services enable businesses to stay competitive in the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising on Facebook.

Navigating the Meta Ads Library

The Meta Ads Library has a number of features and filters that can help you find what you’re looking for easily. Here are the main filters you should be using:


Date ranges

Media types

Locations are tricky because as of now, Facebook only allows for filtering locations by country. Our pro tip to narrow it down even further is to use the name of the city you’re looking for as a keyword in the keyword bar. This isn’t a foolproof method, but it will show some results.
Facebook only allows for filtering locations by country
The date range is also important – understanding when and why your competitor is running a campaign can be key to a successful run. For instance, if your main competitor has a sale on a specific day or week, you might want to push your own sales a couple of weeks to avoid any overlap in audiences. You want the focus to be on your sale when you do run it.

And of course, media types can be crucial as well – narrowing the ads down by parameters like containing images, memes, and videos can be incredibly helpful when getting inspiration from different sources for a specific type of ad you have in mind. Advice from the pros is to start experimenting with memes. And if you’re not sure which memes comply to Meta ad policies and which ones could get banned by Facebook, reach out to GCG Media!

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