Best 20 Tips on How to Go Viral on TikTok 2024


Most content creators struggle to understand how to go viral on TikTok given the oversaturated nature of the social media content industry. It’s important to note that making a TikTok viral is much more challenging than going viral on other platforms. The challenge stems from the platform’s strictly implemented community guidelines, rapidly evolving algorithms and ongoing trends.

If you want to learn how to make your TikTok go viral, you need to embrace the community guidelines, prioritize quality, and be strategic about using hashtags. Experimentation will help you tap into creativity and hook your audience with original and unique content. Read on to embrace our 20 proven strategies on how to go viral on TikTok.

20 Tips on How to Get Viral on TikTok

At GCG Media, we empower content creators with a wealth of tools and resources to make their TikToks viral using our TikTok Agency Ad account. Our dedicated account allows advertisers to unleash their creativity with a multitude of templates and tools to create interactive content.

Our proven strategies will help you understand how to go viral on TikTok by harnessing the power of hashtags, keywords, and algorithms with simple and immersive videos.

Let’s get started!

Mastering TikTok’s Algorithm: Proven Strategies on How to Go Viral on TikTok in 2024

Here we will delve into the intricacies of TikTok’s algorithm, offering insights and proven techniques to help you understand how to go viral on TikTok. With a deep understanding of TikTok’s algorithmic preferences and user behavior, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and strategies needed to maximize your content’s reach and engagement, ultimately increasing your chances of going viral on TikTok.

1. Incorporate TikTok’s Community Guidelines into your Content

Content creators commonly struggle with shadowbans and visibility restrictions, which lead to less and even zero views on their TikTok. It’s pertinent to understand that you cannot enjoy success on TikTok unless you follow the community guidelines. TikTok has a stringent process of reviewing and approving new content, and ensuring its users have a limitless stream of unique and original content.

If you want to crack how to go viral on TikTok, avoid posting videos you’ve already uploaded on Instagram, YouTube and elsewhere. TikTok regulates content to prevent redundancy and spamming, so be sure to upload fresh and original content. It’s equally important to avoid copyright infringement and plagiarism, and steer clear of all banned keywords while uploading your videos. 

Avoiding banned keywords is essential for TikTok content creators aiming to go viral and evade potential shadowbans; understanding these restrictions is crucial for maintaining visibility and achieving TikTok unban success.

2. Incorporate TikTok’s Community Guidelines into your Content

If you haven’t defined your target audience, you can never crack on how to go viral on TikTok because you’re not tailoring your content to appeal to its audience. Defining the audience is a crucial step to connect your videos to their intended users. Begin by identifying your target demographic, and conducting an in-depth analysis into the interests and preferences of your audience.

Here are some questions to ponder over:

  • Which age groups and genders are you targeting?
  • What kind of content does your audience typically interact with?
  • What are their preferences in terms of music, trends and hashtags?
  • When do your target users use TikTok and how do they interact with videos?

These questions will help you understand your TikTok audience and crack how to get viral on TikTok by developing a deep connection with your audience. At GCG Media, we strongly urge creators to take advantage of TikTok Analytics to learn how their audience interacts with their content.

3. Prioritize Quality Above All

TikTok often restricts visibility for low quality videos, limiting their appearance in the For You feeds of its users. If you want to crack how to get viral on TikTok, you must produce high-definition videos. Most creators complain of reduced video quality after uploading their clips to TikTok.This issue typically happens due to low bandwidth, which doesn’t allow users to upload high-resolution clips. In order to address quality related issues, you need to produce high-quality HD clips and upload them with a high bandwidth WiFi.

The magical garage sale

♬ original sound – Zach King

4. Hook Your Audience within the First Six Seconds

The first six seconds of your video will determine its ability to capture the audience and go viral. If you fail to capture the audience within the first six seconds, your clip will likely be ignored in favor of a more interactive clip.

TikTok users have a low attention span, and a tantalizing hook is a crucial element to pique user interest. We advise making the first six seconds immersive with startling images and captions that outline the purpose of the video with the utmost clarity.

Hook Your Audience within the First Six Seconds​

5. Understand How to Manipulate TikTok’s Algorithms

In order to understand how to make your TikTok go viral, you must begin by understanding TikTok’s algorithm and learn how to use it to your advantage. The formula is simple: the longer a video is watched, the higher its chances of going viral!

TikTok rewards creators for flooding the platform with immersive, high-quality content that is watched by millions. If your clips engage users, the platform’s algorithm will expand its audience reach and distribute it across various demographics.

6. Define the Purpose of your Videos

If you’re wondering how to go viral on TikTok, ask yourself, what is the purpose behind your videos? Are you entertaining your audience with hilarious parodies and skits? Are you sharing authentic information to spread awareness and knowledge? Or perhaps, you’re generating leads for your products with user-generated content and reviews?It’s important to define the purpose of each video and curate an appealing main theme that captures the audience and keeps them engaged till the end.

How’d we do?😅💗

♬ Don't Like Anybody – Bella Poarch & 6arelyhuman

7. Play on the Audience’s Emotions

Are your TikToks evocative and inspiring? Do you appeal to your audience’s sensibilities by communicating your emotions? If not, then you’re not infusing your clips with enough emotions to make your TikTok viral.

Giving your videos an emotionally charged ending is a remarkable strategy to hook the audience, compelling them to devour more of your content. Just like the six seconds hook, an evocative outro will leave your viewers satisfied and eager to enjoy more.

Play on the Audience’s Emotions

8. Engage your Audience with Immersive Calls-to-Action

Leaving your viewers without a call-to-action is a mistake that breeds dissatisfaction. Users will scroll away if you don’t give them cues, like encouraging them to leave feedback, visit your website or even follow your profile for more content. Creating a unique tagline and CTA will give your videos a personalized and humanized appeal.

9. Keep your Content Short, Simple & Sweet!

Here’s a no-brainer: TikTok is designed to support short-form video content, and its users have a fleeting attention span. Flooding your audience with long videos, regardless of how immersive they are, will not make your TikTok viral. Instead, it can restrict your visibility because you’re not embracing the rules that fuel the platform’s algorithms.Remember this: Keep your videos short, simple and sweet to increase your chances of going viral!

tb to the day i adopted moody

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10. Avoid Banned Words while Adding Keywords

Creators commonly neglect following TikTok’s rules regarding the use of keywords. Adding keywords can make or break the performance of your clips, and this strategy demands ample consideration. Be sure to avoid using words that have been banned by the platform as using them can lead to TikTok shadowbans and restrictions.

11. Add Appealing Background Music

When defining our formula for how to go viral on TikTok, we strongly emphasize the role of background music to make clips attention-grabbing. Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok is highly supportive of background music. The platform even has agreements with multiple music producers and studios to ensure short music clips are made available for its users without copyright violations.

We strongly urge creators to participate in music challenges, experiment with viral music clips and keep an eye on the popular music genres that are trending on the platform. Adding recently released or popular music clips is a proven trick to make your TikTok viral.

12. Participate in Raging Trends

If you don’t enjoy participating in TikTok trends, you might as well leave the platform and try elsewhere because TikTok is all about making and following trends. TikTok’s algorithms are powered to make trends viral and encourage everyone to hop aboard the trend bandwagon.

We strongly encourage all content creators and marketers to keep track of viral trends on their For You pages and experiment with ideas to personalize their clips while participating in these trends.

13. Leverage the Power of Hashtags

Hashtags serve as bridges that connect your content with their intended audience. Without the right hashtags, you cannot ensure your content reaches its target audience. Much like Instagram, TikTok’s algorithms are wired mainly through hashtags. Adding hashtags to your videos makes your content relevant to its audience.

At GCG Media, we encourage advertisers to curate branded hashtags to cultivate uniqueness for their brand identity. Branded hashtags will help you build a thriving community for your brand, alongside creating a digital log for your content within the platform.

14. Prioritize Community Engagement & Interaction

TikTok rewards users who prioritize community engagement and interact with other users. Community participation with self-generated content is a great way to go viral on TikTok. You can use the Duet and Stitch features to create videos inspired by the viral clips of other users. We also encourage creators to inspire other users with creative prompts that motivate users to create Duets and reaction videos.

15. Collaborate with Creators & Influencers

Creators often ask us how many views is viral on TikTok, and we always discourage them from focusing too much on numbers. Instead, we suggest tapping into the audience of other influencers and creators. Collaboration is a guaranteed approach to crack how to go viral on TikTok and capitalize on the followers and audience reach of like-minded content creators.

If you’ve never done a collaboration, you haven’t tapped into the audience of another creator’s profile. Reach out to creators and influencers who align with your niche and brand messaging and entice your audience with more variety.

16. Take Advantage of TikTok’s Tool Kit

Most creators don’t take full advantage of TikTok’s toolkit, often restricting their creativity to stitching videos and uploading them with background music. If that’s the extent of your creativity, no wonder you’re unable to crack how to go viral on TikTok.

TikTok offers an extensive array of tools to create immersive videos with special effects, filters, templates, audio clips and much more. We urge advertisers to switch to our TikTok ads manager accounts to explore a vast array of tools designed to elevate branded messaging with interactive templates.

Take Advantage of TikTok’s Tool Kit

17. Engage with your Audience in the Comments

Do you reply to all the comments received under your videos? If not, you need to start responding to the comments as it can help make your TikTok viral. Engaging with commentators will encourage them to add more comments, boosting your video’s popularity. Moreover, engaging with your audience on TikTok through comments is vital for building connections and fostering community, but be wary of potential disruptions caused by the TikTok comment glitch, which may affect visibility and interaction.

18. Experiment with New Formats & Ideas

Flooding your audience with the same formats and ideas is a mistake that can make your videos redundant and unappealing. At GCG Media, we strongly believe that diversity is a strong force that makes TikTok so appealing to its users. It’s pertinent to offer your audience a wide variety of content by experimenting with new ideas and formats.

19. Don’t Market your Products Outright

Spamming users with product links and advertisements will not help you go viral on TikTok. But it might lead to a Shadowban or restricted visibility because TikTok has very little patience for advertisers who spam its users. Dropping product links and affiliates is another common practice that garners no results on TikTok. Instead, you can pique your audience’s interests with a review that encourages them to ask you for the product or website link.
@kyliejenner precision pout lip liner shade ‘cocoa’ lip kit shade ‘better not pout’ gloss drip shade ‘fall in love’ @Kylie Cosmetics ♬ never be yours kali uchis – Kali Uchis Fan Page ❦

20. Keep your Audience Engaged with Frequent Posts

Posting immersive and interactive content as frequently as possible is the simplest way to go viral on TikTok. Publishing a high-quality video once a week isn’t a TikTok advertising strategy that will help you go viral on TikTok. Instead, start posting more regularly to improve your content creator skills and curate a library of popular videos.

Final Thoughts

Our proven strategies will help you create your own formula for how to go viral on TikTok. We strongly discourage creators from counting numbers and figure out how many views is viral on Tiktok. Instead, tap into the power of TikTok Analytics to examine how your audience is engaging with and responding to your content.

Embracing our TikTok Agency account offers a wealth of analytical tools and creative resources to boost your lead generation efforts and make your TikTok viral without extensive efforts. Our dedicated account is brimming with interactive templates and formats that eliminate the effort and boost creativity. Get in touch with our team to learn more about our TikTok Agency Ad account and how it can help you go viral on TikTok.

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