TikTok Comment Glitch: Understanding Why Comments are Not Showing 2024


Fixing the TikTok comment glitch can be frustrating, especially if you have no idea your account has been restricted. Our team at GCG Media has dealt with innumerable complaints regarding TikTok comments not showing, highlighting multiple issues that can lead to this glitch. Some users struggle with TikTok comments disappearing, not showing up or taking too long to load.

Interacting with one’s audience is an essential element of increasing and maintaining user engagement on the platform. This guide will help you understand the complexities of the TikTok comment glitch and introduce some simple fixes to address this issue.

Why Can’t I See Comments on TikTok?

In order to fix the TikTok comment glitch, you need to figure out why you’re dealing with this problem. Typically, TikTok comments not showing is a glitch triggered by various issues, such as technical errors, community violations, and being reported by a user. Let’s take a closer look at these issues and how to fix them.

1. Violating TikTok’s Community Guidelines

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok is strictly regulated to ensure all users comply with the community guidelines. Posting inappropriate comments that include politically insensitive slurs, hate speech, or explicit keywords can result in bans and restrictions.

Suppose you noticed your TikTok comments disappearing after making a comment that contained offensive words or harassment. In that case, TikTok’s algorithms must have detected the content violation and restricted that particular comment.

Navigating TikTok’s ever-evolving restrictions and bans can be challenging for creators, but understanding the platform’s policies and implementing best practices is crucial for avoiding issues and potentially securing a TikTok unban.

How to Fix TikTok Comments not Showing?​

How to Fix TikTok Comments not Showing?

At GCG Media, we urge all content creators to familiarize themselves with TikTok’s community guidelines and incorporate them within their content strategy. Before you post a clip or make a comment, be sure to review it to ensure your content adheres to the platform’s guidelines. It’s crucial to avoid using offensive language and banned keywords, and be respectful when interacting with other users.

If you’ve been notified of committing a content violation without actually being at fault, you can contact the TikTok support team with evidence to rectify the TikTok comments issue.

2. Reported TikTok Comments

Users reserve the right to report insensitive or offensive comments that hurt their sentiments or violate the platform’s guidelines. Once a comment is reported, TikTok will temporarily hide that comment while its team reviews the content to identify community violations.

If you notice TikTok comments disappearing, it’s likely your comments are offensive and being reported by users.

How to Fix TikTok Comments Disappearing?

In order to prevent TikTok comments disappearing, you need to follow the platform’s community guidelines. Disrespecting the guidelines and violating the ethical standards can lead to harsh penalties, like a permanent ban that will restrict your ability to make another account using the same device.

TikTok is quick to take action against users who disrupt its community’s positive and respectable environment. However, if your comments have been reported despite having no offensive language or violations, you can appeal the decision with the TikTok support team.

3. Technical TikTok Comment Glitch

Technical errors are a common woe for advertisers and creators relying on TikTok advertising for their revenues. TikTok experiences technical challenges and its AI-driven algorithm has come under fire for restricting visibility for users who haven’t violated any guidelines.

The technical TikTok comment glitch can restrict visibility for certain comments and posts, resulting in a temporary inconvenience. If you notice certain TikTok comments not showing, consider reaching out to the technical support team to highlight this glitch with relevant screenshots.

How to Fix the TikTok Comment Glitch?

If you haven’t committed any violations or used offensive language in your comments, you’re likely dealing with a TikTok comment glitch. First, you need to check updates from the official social media accounts maintained by TikTok. The platform updates its users of ongoing technical challenges with a timeline of when the issue will be resolved.

If no such update has been shared, reach out to the TikTok support team and submit a complaint to escalate the issue.

Here’s how you can report the TikTok comment glitch issue:

Open TikTok and access your profile.

  • Open TikTok and access your profile.
How to Fix the TikTok Comment Glitch?​
  • Click on the three horizontal lines on the top right corner of the screen.

Select Settings and Privacy on tiktok
  • Select Settings and Privacy.

Click on Support and open Report a Problem on tiktok
  • Click on Support and open Report a Problem.

add relevant evidence for support
  • Now, pen down a detailed report outlining the TikTok comment glitch you’re facing. Be sure to add relevant evidence like screenshots to help the support team understand your issue.

4. TikTok Comments Not Showing due to Spamming​

4. TikTok Comments Not Showing due to Spamming

Have you been leaving repetitive comments on various posts? It’s common for novice creators to promote their posts or products by leaving identical comments on numerous clips in a short period. This is known as spamming and it can land you into trouble with TikTok’s algorithms.

In most cases, spammy behavior leads to shadowbans, which restrict the visibility of posts and comments. If you’re dealing with TikTok comments not loading, it’s likely your profile has been shadowbanned. In fact, you can check how to get unshadowbanned on TikTok if this issue persists.

How to Fix TikTok Comments Not Showing?

We strongly advise advertisers and creators to refrain from spammy behavior, especially making identical comments on multiple posts. Even posting too many clips in a short period is regarded as spamming, and such activities indicate a lack of thoughtfulness.

TikTok wants to curate a community characterized by positive and genuine engagement. You can avoid a shadowban by scheduling your posts and ensuring your comments are unique and relevant to the videos you’ve commented on. If you’ve been shadowbanned without a mistake on your part, you can escalate this issue by reporting the problem.

Advertisers struggling to gain traction on TikTok often resort to spamming and repetitive posting. At GCG Media, we offer dedicated TikTok Ad Agency accounts to help advertisers expand reach and go viral on Tiktok without draining their advertising budgets. 

5. TikTok Comments Restricted

Many video creators disable comments for certain posts to avoid initiating a conversation on their content. Restricting TikTok comments is a strategy to moderate the comments section, prevent spamming or escape hate speech from their followers. If you’re dealing with TikTok comments not loading, it’s likely the comments have been restricted by the creator..

How to Fix TikTok Comments Not Loading?

As viewers, it’s pertinent to respect how other creators wish their audience to interact with their posts. If they’ve restricted comments and sharing, they have the right to do so. As creators, you can enable engagement through comments as long as your content is fully aligned with the platform’s community guidelines.

Troubleshooting the app will help you address the TikTok comments not showing issue. If the problem doesn’t disappear, reach out to the support team to request a speedy resolution.

TikTok Comments Not Loading due to High Volume​

6. TikTok Comments Not Loading due to High Volume

Videos that receive high engagement in terms of comments and likes often result in the TikTok comment glitch. In most cases, creators struggle with TikTok comments not loading because of the high volume of users commenting and engaging with the post.

While this is an indication that your post is doing incredibly well, it can be frustrating to wait for all the comments to load. TikTok typically struggles to show all comments when thousands of users are commenting on the same post.

How to Fix TikTok Comments Not Loading?

It’s wise to sit back and allow the platform time to manage the traffic and load all the comments received by your video. If you’re running out of patience, consider refreshing the video. The volume of users interacting with the post will reduce in time, making it easier for TikTok’s algorithms to display all the comments.

7. TikTok Comments Disappearing

TikTok is riddled with technical errors and if you notice TikTok comments disappearing randomly, you’re likely dealing with a glitch. There are multiple reasons for such an error, such as issues with TikTok’s servers, your app or even device.

How to Fix TikTok Comments Disappearing Errors?

Restarting your TikTok app or your device are two of the simplest ways to address technical glitches. If the issue persists, consider deleting all cache data.

Cache data includes temporary files stored within the app. Once you delete these files, the app begins retrieving new data from the platform’s servers, creating a renewed user experience. Starting afresh is a great way to address technical errors like the TikTok comment glitch. TikTok itself advises users to clear cache in order to troubleshoot various technical glitches.

Here’s how you can clear cache in TikTok:

Here’s how you can clear cache in TikTok:

1)      Open your TikTok profile.

2)      Select the three-line menu icon on your screen.

3)      Go to Settings and Privacy.

4)      Go to the Cache & Cellular Data section.

5)      Select Free Up Space.

6)      Now, select Clear to delete all cache data from your app.

This simple fix should be enough to address the TikTok comment glitch if technical errors are to blame.

8. Privacy Settings

It may seem unlikely but we’ve seen multiple cases where content creators struggle to get comments while posting from a private account. If you’re getting less TikTok comments, it’s wise to review your privacy settings. It’s entirely possible that your comments have been set to private, or you’ve approved certain filters that are preventing your audience from leaving comments.

How to Fix TikTok Comments Glitch through Privacy Settings?

Using a public account is ideal for creators and influencers who want to expand their reach and connect deeply with their audience. Public settings allow anyone to view and comment on the video, regardless of whether they’re following your account or not.

How to Fix TikTok Comments Glitch through Privacy Settings?​
Here’s how you can review your privacy settings on TikTok:

1)      Open your TikTok profile.

2)      Select the Options tab from the top-right corner.

3)      Select Privacy and head over to the Safety menu.

4)      Select Comments and configure the privacy as per your requirements.

It’s wise to allow certain filters that let you moderate the tone of your comment section. But if you want to engage with your audience, it’s wise to allow anyone to leave comments.

9. TikTok Comment Glitch due to Network Connectivity Issues

Network connectivity issues are a common culprit behind TikTok comments not loading or prolonged delays that leave you frustrated. A weak or unstable internet connection typically leads to TikTok comments disappearing or not showing at all.

How to Fix TikTok Comments Not Loading Due to Unstable Internet?

It’s important to connect to a stable WiFi network to enjoy TikTok because the app is brimming with heavy data that needs a reliable connection for smooth loading. If your internet speed is stable, you might have to configure certain settings that could be restricting data flowing between TikTok and the internet server.

IPhone users can address this issue by turning off the ‘Low Data Mode’ from their Mobile Data settings, while Android users need to switch off their ‘Data Saver Mode’. Deactivating these restrictions will help you resolve the TikTok comments not loading issue. You can also check our guide on how to solve the issue with TikTok shop not showing.

10. Making Too Many TikTok Comments Too Fast

Do you have a habit of leaving too many TikTok comments on multiple posts in a short period? As discussed above, TikTok deploys an innovative AI-powered anti-spam system to eliminate any activity that appears robotic and unauthentic. Making too many meaningless comments can lead to temporary restrictions that prevent you from commenting.

How to Fix TikTok Comments Not Showing after Restrictions?

Users need to address this issue with patience and avoid commenting for at least 24 hours. Temporary restrictions typically last a day and if you avoid further spamming, your commenting access will be restored automatically. Once your access is restored, be sure to prioritize thoughtful and well-intended interactions as spamming can lead to more permanent restrictions if repeated.

Final Thoughts

Our detailed guide will help you identify the exact reason behind your TikTok comment glitch and address the issue with a simple fix. At GCG Media, we’ve noticed that TikTok is riddled with technical errors and faulty algorithms that overwhelm advertisers, derailing their strategies and success.

We encourage creators and influencers to bypass these restrictions by switching to our TikTok ads manager accounts – a specialized account equipped with a wealth of creative resources and tools. With this account, you don’t have to worry about being slammed with restrictions when your engagement is peaking and your audience is eager for interaction.

Get in touch with our team to learn how our specialized TikTok agency accounts can help you expand your audience across 55+ countries worldwide!

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