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What Are the Meta Ad Standards & What to Expect from Facebook Ads Policy in 2024?


What is this talk of Meta Ad Standards? How are they different from Facebook Ads Policy in 2024? And what can you expect as an advertiser in 2024 from the Meta Ad Standards and Facebook Ad Policies? Keep reading to find out!

Meta Ad Standards vs Facebook Ad Policies
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Meta Ad Standards vs Facebook Ad Policies

Facebook has a set of policies to govern the ads that appear on its platform. These Meta advertising policies are in place to protect Facebook users from malicious or deceptive content, and also to ensure advertisers maintain ethical practices when marketing their products and services. Facebook’s ad policy in 2024 covers topics such as prohibited advertising content, targeting options, landing page requirements, personal data usage, and disclosure requirements.

It’s well-known that Meta regularly updates its policies to ensure the platform remains safe for users. But recently, Facebook Ads Policy in 2024 has undergone a major update and it was renamed Meta Ad Standards. Unlike Nonexistent-Functionality Policy, the change was made to ensure that ads on the platform are appropriate and relevant for all users around the world. With this update, Facebook has taken steps to better protect its user’s data and provide greater transparency when it comes to ads.

Under the new Meta Ads Standards, advertisers must follow guidelines covering topics such as content accuracy, targeting practices, and data protection. Ads on Facebook will be subject to review before they can appear on the platform and some may even be rejected if they fail to comply with the current Meta advertising policies. So, what are the new updates exactly, besides the change in name? Let’s dig into it.

Facebook Ad Policy: 2023 Updates
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Facebook Ad Policy: 2024 Updates

Facebook’s advertising policies are constantly evolving. Meta is known for updating their advertising policies every year and 2024 is no exception. In the early days of 2024, Facebook released new updates to its ad policy – now aptly named The Meta Ad Standards. Facebook’s idea is that these updates will make it easier for businesses to run campaigns while respecting the users’ experience. These Meta advertising policy updates included changing the language in some parts of their advertising policies and consolidating them in others.

One of the main language updates in 2024 is focused on redefining how Facebook communicates with advertisers. The new language is designed to be more concise and clear, so businesses can better understand what is expected of them when running an ad. Additionally, topics were consolidated into fewer and more cohesive rules in the 2024 updates, making it easier for businesses to identify guidelines that apply to their campaigns. These changes are meant to help advertisers to structure their campaigns more efficiently. In fact, Facebook’s ad policies ensure a fair and transparent advertising environment, promoting quality content and rewarding advertisers who achieve a good CTR for Facebook ads.

Other Facebook Ad Policy 2024 updates include greater clarity on what is allowed in ads and new rules to prevent the spread of misinformation. Facebook also implemented restrictions on the types of ads that could be run, such as those targeting vulnerable populations or promoting dangerous products or services. The new Meta Ad Standards are said to be designed to provide advertisers with a better understanding of the policies that apply to their campaigns.

Summary of Meta Ads Policy Update in 2024

  • Eliminating or merging detailed ad targeting options.
  • Reasons include limited use and overly specific nature.
  • Targets also include subjects viewed as sensitive by users.

According to Meta policy updates, here was their statement:


“Starting on 15 January 2024, we’re removing or consolidating some detailed targeting options that relate to topics that people may perceive as sensitive…  Existing ad sets with affected targeting options will continue to run until 18 March 2024, but will require you to update your targeting selections. After this date, we will stop delivering ads to the discontinued detailed targeting options, and affected ad sets may be paused.”

Meta will inform affected advertisers through a warning notification in Ads Manager about any necessary campaign updates following the changes. Additionally, Meta plans to offer alternative targeting suggestions where possible.


Overall, Facebook’s new Meta Ad Standards can be a positive step forward for advertisers, as they ensure ads meet high standards of accuracy and relevancy while protecting user data at the same time. However, advertisers should take extra care when creating ads to make sure they comply with the new rules so their ads can be accepted by Facebook. The new standards include the caveat that the platform reviews all ads and may reject them based on parameters that are difficult to gauge for advertisers. Failure to comply with the new Facebook ad policies will result in your ads not being allowed on the platform and getting rejected or other penalties being imposed, such as your whole account getting blocked.

How to Counter 2023 Facebook Ad Policies?
Image: Andrea Piacquadio, pexels.com

How to Counter 2024 Meta Advertising Policies?

So, while the 2024 Meta Ad Standards are aimed at helping both advertisers and platform users, they can end up hindering the advertisers due to the complexity of the current system Facebook has. Because of the constant updates, changes, and additions that the platform’s policies have undergone in the span of the past decade, running ads on Facebook has gotten more challenging.

In 2024, it’s going to be harder to bypass ad rejections and account restrictions because of how layered the policies are. However, there is a way of countering this – joining an AdTech platform! AdTech tools are there to help you optimize your ads and ensure they will not get rejected. They’re essentially policy compliance checkers. If you’d like to access such a tool with rented ad accounts included in the package, book a call with GCG Media!

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