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How to Fix A Disabled Facebook Ad Account


Building a business on Facebook is hard work and nothing’s worse than losing your ad account to a slight oversight. Fortunately, there’s some things you can do to fix the situation.
How to Fix A Disabled Facebook Ad Account
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Why Your Facebook Business Manager Was Disabled

Were you trying to run ads but discovered that you can’t? Are you asking yourself – why is my Facebook account restricted? Well, it’s probably because you’ve violated a Facebook ad policy. Getting blocked can be a serious problem for any business on Facebook. If you’re making your living on social media, chances are most of your earnings are coming in from Meta just because of its sheer size.

And so when many startups and business owners find out that their Facebook business is disabled, they need to undo it or find a solution as fast as they can or they’ll take a major hit. Your Facebook Business Manager account typically gets disabled due to a repeated offense. But the problem is that sometimes you might not notice the warnings Meta for Business sends you. So, let’s look at some of the reasons why your Facebook Business Manager account was disabled.

How to Fix A Disabled Facebook Ad Account
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Facebook Advertising Policies That Got Your Account Disabled

There is a long list of Facebook advertising policies or guidelines that can get your Facebook Business Manager account disabled. But they all fall under a few general categories. And if you’ve been wondering “why is my Facebook account restricted?” or “why is my business disabled on Facebook?”, you’ll find the answer in this list.


Logging into your Facebook Business Manager account from various IP addresses

Late payments

Using the same payment method on different accounts

A circle not tight enough

Too many ads against the guidelines

Revealing confidential information

Negative user feedback

Unclear landing pages

Personal addresses of users (“You”)

Low caps ‘Facebook’ & focus on Facebook

Ads discouraging the Covid-19 vaccine & more

Some of these points, like going against Facebook’s terms or revealing confidential information, are self-explanatory. Others, like negative user feedback, can be very difficult to analyze and can require a whole team of pros to find the mistakes. And if that’s the case, do hire a group of professionals. But the rest can be mitigated with just a bit of preparation.

First, there’s the problem of too many ads that go against Facebook’s rules. If you try to post too many ads like that, you could get blocked. To avoid this, check out
our list of reasons your ads got rejected and avoid making those mistakes. Then, there are minor things like forgetting to capitalize the company’s name, making ads focusing on Facebook’s own brand, or addressing the audience with personal pronouns like ‘You’.

What To Do If Your Facebook Business Manager is Disabled
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But some of those Facebook ad policies are a little trickier so let’s break them down. If your ad leads to an unclear landing page, that can become a problem. What you need to do is make sure that the landing page does pertain to the ad and its content, as well as reveal all necessary information about your business like contact info, your logo, your company name, and any disclaimers if they are needed.
You also need to be careful with your IP addresses! If you’re logging in from different IP addresses, Meta for Business may associate your actions with online fraud. Another unusual reason you could lose your account is if your circle on the platform isn’t tight enough. If any user on your ads account gets their account banned, you could lose your Facebook Business Manager account just by virtue of being in the same circle. Sounds unfair, but it’s just the way Facebook works so be mindful of it.

A very important point is the payment process. If your payments are late, you will be blocked. If you’ve been banned in the past, avoid using the same payment method for your new accounts because Facebook will notice this and block you. And if you’re overspending with a new ad account, you can get blocked because the platform has limits on most accounts. So, just make sure to avoid these mistakes. And if you want to spend more on your ads, check out how to rent a Facebook ad account from a professional agency  with no spending limits!

What To Do If Your Facebook Business Manager is Disabled

It’s always good to be able to prevent the issue, but if you’re already in trouble you’ll find yourself wondering – what should I do if my account is disabled on Facebook? You can try and recover your account. If you’re wondering how to fix a disabled account on Facebook, there’s really only one way to go – you need to request a Review.
If your Facebook Business Manager account was blocked, you would have come across an alert on your Ads Manager about it. You need to click the See Details button, find the status of your account and request a Review. This process can take anywhere from 2-3 business days, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually get your Facebook Business Manager account back. If it was just a misunderstanding, like with IP addresses, you may be able to fix it. But if you’ve actually violated the policies, you’ll have to open a new account or rent an account from an agency.
How to Run Ads on Facebook Uninterrupted
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How to Run Ads on Facebook Uninterrupted

We know that sometimes it feels like everything’s working against you, especially with the platform’s constantly evolving guidelines. But you still need to follow each new policy. And if you don’t like the spending restrictions on accounts, rent a Facebook ad account from GCG Media so you can spend up to $100 million and get a new ad account immediately when you’re blocked!

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