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Facebook Ads vs Google Ads for Ecommerce In 2023


Facebook and Google are the leading online platforms in the world right now and they have been for a while. And when it comes to ecommerce ads, they can both deliver results. But what if you, as an ecommerce store owner, need to choose? Which one should you opt for today?
Facebook Ads vs Google Ads for Ecommerce business
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Google Ads vs Facebook Ads for Ecommerce

Did you find yourself asking – Google ads vs Facebook ads – which one should I go for? Both platforms certainly have their own benefits, but small businesses sometimes have to choose due to a limited budget. Or maybe you’re just starting out and want to test-run a few campaigns before diving into it. Whatever the case may be, you want to know what’s the better option for ecommerce Google ads or Facebook ads. So, let’s discuss the advantages of both platforms to see which ones you should choose!

Advantages of using Google Ads

Google has been one of the main platforms online for a long time – it’s among the most recognizable brands, but this alone isn’t enough to opt for Google ads. After all, Facebook is just as recognizable. What sets Google apart is its status as the most popular search engine. Due to this, Google dominates the SEO market and ads specifically focused on keywords work really well on Google. So, what are the specific advantages of running ads on this platform? Google ads have two main advantages:

Rely on keywords

Higher CTR

This depends on your goals – if you are planning on marketing based on a very specific set of keywords, Google ads could be your guy. This is well-suited for ecommerce businesses that sell one specific and incredibly niche product. Of course, the higher click-through rate sounds like a good thing as well, however, there is one caveat to it – the actual conversion rate of Google ads is lower than Meta ads.
Advantages of using Meta Ads
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Advantages of using Meta Ads

Facebook ads rely on audiences rather than keywords. This method is generally preferable for ecommerce businesses as they often sell multiple different products or services at once, so it’s best to target the entire group of people prone to be interested in the product rather than the keyword for each individual product. So, what are the specific advantages of using Facebook ads for ecommerce stores?

Rely on audiences

Lower CPC and higher ROI

Higher conversion rate

For ecommerce businesses, relying on audience groups as a target mark is preferable most of the time due to the scope of their range. If you have only 1 product or service, keywords may be better, but this is rarely the case for ecommerce stores. So, relying on audiences as target groups is preferable for most. The conversion rates on Facebook are also higher which is the most important factor for a business that sells anything – this is the metric that will ultimately reflect on sales. That’s why Facebook ads are more likely to yield higher results in terms of actual sales – because their conversion rate is also higher. In addition, achieving a good CTR for Facebook ads is essential for maximizing campaign performance and effectively reaching the target audience.

Mastering Facebook Ads for better ROI
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And the lower cost-per-click is especially important for ecommerce stores, regardless of their budgets. Even if you have no strict budget limits, getting higher conversions for a lower price is a plus in either case. Facebook ads are simultaneously better suited to the ecommerce business model, and they’re also more cost-effective in terms of conversion to price ratio. This is also why the return on investment is also much higher with Facebook ads. So, for ecommerce purposes, Facebook ads are preferable most of the time.

Mastering Facebook Ads

So, while the 2023 Meta Ad Standards are aimed at helping both advertisers and platform users, they can end up hindering the advertisers due to the complexity of the current system Facebook has. Because of the constant updates, changes, and additions that the platform’s policies have undergone in the span of the past decade, running ads on Facebook has gotten more challenging.
  1. Conduct a market & competitor analysis.
  2. Create effective & visually appealing ads.
  3. Make an emotional appeal or offer to solve a problem.
  4. Align your ads with Meta Ad Standards & Policies with an AdTech tool.
  5. Rent an agency ad account & run campaigns with the added features.
  6. Analyze the results & see how they can be improved.
You could also test-run a few different types of ads, playing around with the type of appeal or style of design you have. Mastering Facebook ads will help you greatly in achieving the highest results possible on the platform.
How to Find an AdTech Tool & an Agency Ad Account
Image: jv-dr.com

How to Find an AdTech Tool & an Agency Ad Account

If you don’t know what AdTech is or what are the benefits of agency ad accounts, AdTech tools are there to ensure all your ads are fully aligned with Meta policy. And an agency ad account is really useful for Facebook advertisers because of unlimited budgets, faster Review times, and replacements in case your account gets blocked. Where can you find these tools?

You can find some AdTech platforms that offer this service, but it’s a relatively rare offering so you might need to do some digging. Renting an agency ad account is a bit more accessible, but you could skip the whole thing and go with a platform that offers both! If you’d like to access a platform that can both ensure policy compliance and alignment as well as provide you with an agency ad account, contact GCG Media.

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