Why You Should Rent a Facebook Ad Account


Yes, Facebook advertising is incredibly lucrative as it is. But with the right backup, it can be even better!

Why You Should Rent a Facebook Ad Account?

Many business owners are constantly battling with the platform and Meta for Business to get their ads out there. We recommend you rent a Facebook ad account. It solves multiple problems at once, most importantly – the problem of your account getting blocked. How? Well, let’s dive into the benefits of renting your Facebook agency ad account.

why you should rent you facebook ad account

Stability and Quality

When you rent a Facebook ad account, you can be confident that your account has an extensive history with the platform and is trusted by the platform. Long-term experience in the field gives the agency an edge in terms of the quality of the accounts they have to offer. Your personal account may have significant history as well, but accounts that have been used specifically for advertising for years are always going to have the advantage. Your Facebook ads will run smoothly and you will never have to face issues with account errors. 

Plus, because rented Facebook ad accounts are set up specifically for business use, they often come with higher quality ads and more stable results. Stability is very important in advertising – only accounts with regular and continuous activity get major results on social media. Renting your Facebook ad account from a professional agency like GCG Media can give you the consistent distribution of targeted ads and deliver the results you’re looking for. You can trust the quality of these results and rely on them to perform at a high level well into the future. In addition, Facebook quality ads deliver exceptional results with a good CTR for Facebook ads, ensuring your content reaches the right audience and drives meaningful engagement


Another great benefit of renting your Facebook ad account from an agency is that it’s easy to scale up due to the loose limitations on older ad accounts. All new accounts on Meta for Business have spending limits. But when you rent a Facebook ad account, you are able to easily, seamlessly increase the ratio of the ads you are running. This allows you to reach a lot more people and grow your business at a faster pace. If it feels like your ads are performing well and you start to wonder if you should increase your budget, you can do so without worrying about spending limits. GCG Media’s accounts are already past that point and have ad spends as high as $100 million!

Easily scale up your facebook ad account

Faster Review Times

If you rent a Facebook ad account, your review times will go down significantly. Our compliance team will go through your ads with a toothpick and identify any problems your ads might have beforehand. They will dedicate themselves to adjusting any potential issues in your ads before running them. This way, we can pre-empt the issue beforehand, making sure your ads will not be rejected and that there will be no need for many Review submissions. When you rent your Facebook ad account from GCG Media, you avoid wasting your time and make use of every second you can. Plus, since Facebook trusts us, your creatives and review processes on Meta for Business will go through faster than regular ad accounts! 

In fact, most of the common issues that advertisers face is getting their Facebook account restricted from advertising. This makes a nightmare for all marketers since abiding with all advertising policies requires thorough examination of all Meta ad policies.

Faster ad account review with GCG Media

Blocked? Not a Problem!

Renting your Facebook ad account from a media buying agency is also beneficial in case of the account being blocked. Many startups and business owners face the issue of having their accounts blocked on Facebook. These issues can range from Facebook policy violation, copyright infringement and much more. It’s not always fair, as sometimes the advertiser may have been simply unaware of any rules that the platform has. Really, does anyone ever read Terms and Conditions?

And there’s sometimes so much text in these guidelines, that you’d forget or miss certain details either way. As a result of these misunderstandings, the Facebook ad accounts that you have worked on for years in hopes of building a healthy advertising ecosystem get simply blocked. A great way to avoid this is to rent a Facebook ad account and even if the account gets blocked for whatever reason, you’ll instantly get a new account! GCG Media can give you a new account immediately so you don’t lose precious advertising time.

Need Help?

Renting your Facebook ad account from a professional agency has many advantages. It will help you create a continuously stable and high-quality advertising environment for your business. Renting your Facebook ad account from GCG Media will provide you with ease of scalability, faster ad review times, as well as instant replacement of blocked accounts. If you want to learn more about renting accounts from GCG Media or about how we can help you grow your business by creating an uninterrupted advertising ecosphere on the platform, contact us today! Book a call or contact us via email. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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One of our key services is renting out agency-level Facebook ad accounts. Our experience has shown that agency-level ad accounts are the difference between a smooth advertising flow with little to no interruptions and a campaign that gets constantly interrupted. Our agency ad accounts are warmed up in advance and don’t need to be accommodated through the installation of various add-ons or sharing access with other users. They also allow for reduced Review times and we replace them instantly in the rare event they are blocked. Our agency ad accounts are the key to expanding your business to an international scale.


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