Meta Launches Centralized Data Privacy & Ad Targeting Controls for Facebook: What You Need to Know


The recent Meta announcement has sent everyone into a frenzy. What are the new updates for Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram? What do they mean for your ad campaigns? Keep reading to find out!
The Latest Meta Announcement: Data Privacy & Ad Targeting for Facebook
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The Latest Meta Announcement: Data Privacy & Ad Targeting for Facebook

The recent Meta announcement aims to simplify the management of data privacy settings as well as the ads targeting control. Simplifying your data privacy on all Meta platforms can be easy and secure – you can basically extend your data privacy setup. Meta account setup can be a time-consuming and lengthy process and this latest announcement of updates is aimed at making the setup process as easy as possible for you.
Meta account setup is an all-around positive both for users and for advertisers, but this new update is especially useful for businesses as it can ultimately increase their ad returns by allowing users to see ads that are most interesting to them! So, let’s dive deeper into the recent announcement, the updates it brings along, and all the ways you can boost your results even further.

Centralize Your Facebook Account Setup with Other Meta Platforms & Increase Data Safety

The first change we need to discuss in further detail is the fact that information like your personal details, passwords, or security, as well as ad preferences, will now all be housed in a centralized location, so it’ll be much easier for people using multiple Meta apps such as Facebook or Instagram to manage their settings.
The update also included a change in data controls. Users’ Activity information has been updated which will help users figure out how their own activity on other websites is used to show them the ads they will experience. The platform is also simplifying the process of ad targeting by allowing users more control over the type of ads they’re shown. This way, they’re increasing the user’s likelihood of seeing ads they’ll be interested in. So, how to take advantage of these changes?
To centralize all your Meta platforms, use the Account Center. It provides users with an all-in-one space to store their Facebook data, as well as Instagram or Messenger. With your Facebook data linked to the Meta Account Center, you can quickly and easily manage your Meta settings across platforms with only a few clicks.
Additionally, by connecting your Facebook data to the Account Center users are able to more effectively control who can access their Meta apps, hence increasing the safety and security of your data. As all your data is securely stored in one place, users are free to easily streamline their Meta setup and configure app settings accordingly.
Consistent Facebook & Meta Ads for Users
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Consistent Facebook & Meta Ads for Users

So, what does the latest Meta announcement mean for your business on Facebook or Instagram? Consistent and elevated results from your ads. Your Facebook ads will be smoother, as well as more profitable due to the elimination of users who are less likely to be genuinely interested in the ads. Meta aims to increase the quality of user experience with this move, but it will also have a positive side effect on your Instagram and Facebook ads. But how can you enhance this further?

Improve Your Ads Campaigns Further

The recent updates will result in users seeing ads most suitable to them, and this is bound to increase the efficiency of all Facebook ads. But you can enhance the effectiveness of your ads even further and increase the returns of your Meta business. How? Well, you all would have heard of steps like optimizing ad creatives. But there are some important things that you may not know about. Here’s what we found through years of experience in the field. Follow these tips and improve your Facebook ads CTR.

1. Emotion

Make an emotional appeal and link it to your Meta business. Keep in mind how important it is for a business to make an emotional appeal and create a compelling advertisement that appeals to your target audience. Make sure to incorporate your business into the topic somehow. For example, if you run an ecommerce Facebook business related to the beauty industry, link it to an emotional and positive theme such as anti-bullying.

Put the focus on finding beauty in all human beings and stress the fact that your business stands by these views in your ads. Establishing an emotional connection between your Meta business and customers is important, especially since you don’t have a live store where customers get to interact with employees or workers. This will give your business a more humane perception.

2. Banned Hashtags

This mostly applies to Instagram businesses, as many hashtags are covertly banned on Instagram each year. This seems like a minor detail but it can affect your results by not displaying your posts in your followers’ feeds. And even the most loyal customers can’t make a purchase when they don’t see your product. So, check the list of banned hashtags every year and take extra caution to avoid using those.

3. Find Your Narrative & Voice

Branding, tone, and voice are incredibly important for any business, including your Instagram or Facebook business. It’s what helps differentiate your business from the competition, making your page and website attractive to potential customers or followers. As Meta platforms become more and more mainstream for marketing, having an effective brand identity can set you apart from other businesses on Facebook and Instagram.
Your branding, tone, and voice should be well thought-out and carefully crafted. Your branding should be able to capture what the business stands for in a few simple words or phrases. This will help customers recognize your business quickly and develop loyalty to it. The tone is also important because it reflects how you communicate with your followers. Using the right tone can make your Facebook page more inviting and engaging for customers.
Align with Ad Policies

4. Align with Ad Policies

Last but certainly not least, make sure to align with all Meta Ads Standards and Policies. With the recent changes to policy and the constantly evolving set of regulations, Facebook can be a challenging platform for running ads. Be it an ecommerce business or affiliates, Meta platforms have become difficult to navigate for many businesses. So, to ensure policy compliance and never face ad rejections, use a top quality compliance checker to ensure all your ads are up to par!

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