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Facebook Ads For Ecommerce: How to Run Relentless Campaigns


Facebook ecommerce advertising is the fastest and most efficient road to success for any ecommerce store. And if you want to learn how to run a Facebook campaign with maximum results, check out our tips below!
Use Facebook Pixel
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Facebook Ads for Ecommerce: Why Choose This Route?

Ecommerce Facebook ads are one of the best tools available to business owners who are running ecommerce stores. Facebook ads can bring incredible conversion rates if you go about it the right way. Facebook allows for great control over the advertising flow which can be highly beneficial for ecommerce businesses. Control combined with a good strategy is the basis of any successful marketing campaign. And Meta gives you a wide range of tools to use for controlling your ecommerce Facebook ads and setting up a perfectly customized campaign for your business.

The alternative possibilities for marketing your ecommerce business are less beneficial. One option is TikTok, but unlike Facebook advertising, TikTok is not the most tested territory and it’s mostly populated by younger users, who often don’t have the funds for making many purchases. Investing in a good SEO strategy is another option and this one can definitely be very effective but it may depend on your niche. If the niche is too small and universal terminology is uncommon, it may be difficult to achieve your goal. And even when SEO is applicable to your niche, a smart Facebook ad strategy for ecommerce will boost your results immeasurably!
Guide to the Best Facebook Ad Strategy for Ecommerce
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The reason these accounts can make such a big difference is that dropshippers need great flexibility with their ad spending limits. They need to be able to scale a campaign up or down at any time, depending on specific situations. The best budget for Facebook ads is not having any limits! This is where an enterprise level Facebook ad account comes in – they remove those limitations. And having all limits removed grants incredible advertising flexibility to dropshippers. With an agency Facebook ad account, you can increase or decrease the scale of your campaigns whenever it suits your needs!

Guide to the Best Facebook Ad Strategy for Ecommerce

Facebook ecommerce advertising can be a challenge but our experience has helped us narrow down the 3 most crucial aspects of planning Facebook ad campaigns. If you want a customized campaign and maximum results, follow these 3 guidelines for planning your Facebook ad strategy for ecommerce stores.

1. Use Facebook Pixel

Pixel is essentially your personal scenthound – it allows you to pick and choose exactly what kind of audiences will be directly targeted. Broad Facebook ecommerce advertising and targeting can work well when your product has a very wide appeal, but unfortunately, that’s a rare case. Most products are more niche-oriented, so being able to customize audience parameters to get to the right users is important. To get the maximum out of your Facebook ecommerce ad strategy, you need to use Pixel.

2. Remarketing

Proper ecommerce Facebook ad campaigns, or any full-funnel campaign, will direct a significant portion of resources to remarketing. That’s mostly due to the fact that most people just won’t buy a product the moment they see it. With the first ad you target a user, you’re essentially planting a seed. The next one or two will be what gets them! The second or third ecommerce Facebook ads you target at a user will be most likely the ones to convince them to click on links and even purchase the product. So, throw some substantial resources at remarketing and make sure that your campaign hits the target.

3. Lower Suspension Risks

Now pay attention, this one’s really important. To really crack the code to the best ecommerce Facebook ad strategy, you need to start using an AdTech platform. If you haven’t heard of this concept, AdTech platforms are agencies that provide you with numerous advertising assets that can maximize your results. Some of the most useful assets they’ll provide you with are going to be professional Meta ad accounts and policy compliance audits. An ad account from a professional AdTech platform is trusted by Facebook, so it will significantly lower the risk of having your ad rejected or your account suspended. And even when you do get blocked, you will have a much easier time Reviewing the ad or restoring your account. Compliance audits will also lower any risks of rejection or suspension.

Guide to the Best Facebook Ad Strategy for Ecommerce
Image: jv-dr.com

How to Run the Perfect Ecommerce Facebook Campaign?

So, as we figured out so far, to really level up your ecommerce ad campaign on Meta, you will want to follow this pattern: use Facebook Pixel, keep remarketing, and use an AdTech platform. Now, the first two are easy to do – you can use Facebook’s own information page or just read some of our older blog posts where we explain the nuances of these tools. AdTech platforms are different – there isn’t a lot of useful information about them online right now. Of course, you still need one to be able to run smooth Facebook ecommerce campaigns, so how can you run a Facebook campaign with the help of an AdTech platform? You can simply contact GCG Media to access the best enterprise level ad accounts on the market, as well as the best digital media buying services in the market right now.

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